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Let's Celebrate!

Let's Celebrate! 

At Cove Infant School we love to not only celebrate the children's achievements in school, but outside of school too! See some of our superstars below.... if your child has an achievement you would like to share on here, and on the Celebration board in school, please send a photo to with 'Let's Celebrate' in the subject. 

Thomas has been awarded his Stage 2 Swimming Certificate! His Mum and Dad say he is working really hard and enjoying his lessons.

Well done Thomas- you look very happy with your achievement, as you should be! Swimming is such an important skill to have, keep up the hard work! 


Finley achieved a certificate for being a 'Star of the Week' in gymnastics - just look how proud he is! 

Well done Finley - we are very proud of you too! We cannot wait to see your gymnastics skills when we start our Gymnastic units in PE! 


Lottie has been doing karate since mid September. She goes every Wednesday and really enjoys it. She is now working towards her first belt and received an encouragement certificate, as she has shown sound progress. 

How fantastic Lottie - to achieve your first belt in just a few months is a brilliant achievement! Well done! 



On Sunday 12th November, to help celebrate Remembrance Day, Keira joined her Rainbows team, 1st Hawley Rainbows, for a parade.  Keira was an escort to the colour, laid a Rainbows Remembrance Cross and was a Guard of Honour at the church doors.  She was very proud to help celebrate those we have lost, as were her mummy, daddy and sister Sofia. 

We are also very proud of you Keira - what a wonderful opportunity for you to take on these special roles on such an important day.  Well done! 



On Sunday 12th November, Evie had the very important job of being 6th Farnborough Scouts Squirrel flag bearer at Aldershot Remembrance Service. She was very proud to do this and did her best.

Evie you look so very proud to be carrying out this important role - well done!


Siblings Thomas and William achieved their next levels in swimming - Water Skills 1 and Duckling 3!

This is fantastic boys, well done! Super achievements! 


Siblings Ella & Jake both successfully completed their assessments and received their next belts, following their recent

Tae Kwon Do gradings!  

Well done Ella and Jake, you must be working so hard to be gaining your next belts! A great achievement!


Constantina and her older brother, Manoli (who used to attend Cove Infant School!) both won gold in Jiu Jitzu, at the English Open!  An incredible achievement for you both - to win Gold on the same day is amazing! Well done, we are very proud of you as I know Mummy and Daddy are too! 



Thomas has now passed his Stage 1 Swimming Course!

Well done Thomas - You look super proud of yourself and rightly so! smiley


Thomas has just started Judo. Last week he got the mini warrior award in his group- he is extremely proud of the certificate he received! Thomas - this is a fantastic achievement, well done! 


While on holiday in Scotland, Teddy climbed the 250m all the way to the top of Arthur’s seat - it took a few hours but he did it and was very happy! 

We are not surprised you are happy Teddy - what an achievement! Well done! 


Alba cheers for Eclipse all stars - she had a competition in Telford this weekend (14th / 15th May) where her team won 1st place 🏆 Incredible Alba - well done! 


Take a look at Lottie, who had her first football presentation this weekend (14th / 15th May) - she was awarded a medal which she was absolutely thrilled about!  Lottie trains every weekend and is a part of Weetabix Wildcats, an all girl's football league. She has been playing football for about 6 months and loves it.  Mum and Dad say they can really see an improvement in her skills - they are super proud of her, as are we! Well done Lottie!