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Welcome to Caterpillar Class!

What has been happening?

  We have been working with the children to find out what they already know about numbers and mathematical concepts.


 We have been working on our name writing and the beginning blocks of reading. 





Meet the Teachers


Take a look back at last year .... Caterpillar Class' Learning adventure, 2020-2021...

Transport Trouble


The children in caterpillar class have had so much fun learning about all the different transport vehicles. They have looked at past and present vehicles and made lots of comparisons. 


Thankyou to the parents who brought in a vehicle to show the class or sent pictures in. We also had many other vehicles visit us such as a police car, post van and racing cars.


The children loved this and had many questions to ask to develop their learning.






We will be uploading photos from our outcome very soon!





Bring your Bike to School was a big success!


The children loved riding their bikes and scooters throughout the day. They participated in obstacle courses to help develop their Gross Motor skills and we looked at how all our bikes and scooters were different or similar.

We also were able to show our riding skills through free riding.


The children had a super fun day! Thank you for sending in the bikes and scooters.








Our Project last term was- 'Let's Tell a Story!'


The children explored different fairy tales and have explored all the different characters within them.

They have also practiced their story telling language using story maps that they have made as a class.



As part of our learning about the 'Jack and The Beanstalk' story, the children planted their own beans. We looked at the instructions required to plant a bean to enable the children to remember each step. They are so excited to learn about how a plant grows.