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When you hear a melody line or lyrics to a song, does it ever transport you to another time or place or remind you of something you have experienced before? Just a few notes can change the way you feel when watching a film or playing a game. Music is integral to all aspects of our lives – we learn through rhymes and songs, sing for celebrations, and listen to music for pleasure or relaxation. It can define our personal style, allow us to express ourselves or reflect our emotions.


Music crosses cultural boundaries and speaks to us in different ways; it creates strong feelings, builds memories and ignites passion.  Music is a powerful and unique form of communication that can change the way we feel, think and act. It enables us to be innovative and creative and to express ourselves using the language of music, developing a positive sense of identity and respect for others. It binds together intellect and feeling and gives us opportunities to reflect and explore our own personal and emotional development.


We all respond to musical sounds every day of our lives, and are influenced by it in many different ways Every time we turn on the television, switch on our games consoles or our radios, we are bombarded by music which will influence us. They can move us to tears, make our hearts jump for joy, terrify us, surprise us or just simply induce us to hum, play or sing along. It is so important that we can express our feelings and emotions, share our thoughts with others and feel the benefits of creativity through the performance of musical sounds.


At Cove Infant School we enjoy music in many different ways: through whole school and class singing, choir, assemblies, visitors, performing and weekly taught music lessons.

Whole School Music


Music is celebrated throughout our school in different ways. Singing takes place alongside lessons in class and in assemblies. Singing assembly, which is held weekly, gives the children opportunities to learn a variety of different songs. Each month a new genre of music becomes the focus, with a new piece of music each week. These are played in and out of assembly and information about the pieces (title, genre, composer/performer, date and place) are shared with the children. Additionally, they are asked to consider a particular aspect of the music to build upon knowledge learned in lesson time.

Choir Club


Year 2 children are invited to join the school choir where they work on different aspects of vocal performance. The children are given the opportunity to have an input in the song choices and perform to other children in the school during assembly time.



We have developed links with our local secondary school, and some talented musicians from the school visited us to play for our children during assembly, hopefully inspiring some of our pupils to take up instrumental lessons in the future.