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Welcome aboard our Cove journeys. If you could travel anywhere around the world where would you go?


Have you ever imagined yourself on board a fantasy flight to a remote icy Antarctica? Our year R children can take you there and tell you all about the many penguins that inhabit the freezing waters or you could spend your day building an igloo.

How about an ‘Around the World’ trip in 10 days!  Take a trip up the Eiffel Tower, make pizzas in in Italy, pet the cute animals of Australia and even dance your heart out dressed in Mardi Gras! We know you may think that this is impossible. However, our children in Year R can tell you with a click of Google Earth anything is possible when you set your imagination free. So get your passports ready because the children are ready to take you on this amazing adventure.


Have you ever seen a Piton?  Do not forget to stopover to our children in Year 2 who will be visiting a hot exotic island and the children can tell you all about volcanic eruptions. The nature will surround you and the children will definitely entice you with the fruits of St Lucia and an exploration of both human and physical features. They are bursting with facts about the island and cannot wait to share their experiences with you.


So now, we have gone from minus cold to hot places around the world. These changes in temperature might help you decide where you want to go, or you may just wish to stay local. But how will you get there? Well if you want to find a way to get to your destination then head over to year 1 to delve into maps. They are experts in map making and will be able to teach you how to explore the local area using compass directions and map symbols by ‘Putting Farnborough on the Map’ There is so much to see!


At Cove Infant school, we aim to provide children with the key knowledge and skills to become a successful geographer by inspiring their fascination about the world around them and the people living in it.  We nurture and encourage the children’s natural curiosity to be inquisitive about their surroundings and stimulate an interest in the patterns and the process of the changing world. We teach children to be responsible and give them time to reflect on the impact they can have on their own school, local area and make sense of the world through their eyes.