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Growing and Achieving together


The children received a mysterious parcel of Dragon eggs, and a letter from a Dragonologist!


The children began to explore a variety of different types of Dragons.  They explored descriptions of dragons, developing their vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure to allow them to write their own.  The children wrote their dragon stories based on the structure of "Tell me a dragon", whilst innovating certain elements of the story. They used a range of exciting vocabulary to create expanded noun phrases and adverbs to describe the movements of the Dragon.  The children also looked at the story,, "The Night Dragon" and learnt about the main dragon named Maud. 


The children had fun being artists and designed their own dragon eye and then sculpted it out of clay.  The children then painted their dragon eyes to bring them to life. 


They have also learnt how to create a movable, wheel and axle toy depicting their chosen dragon.


Take a look at what we have been up to in the photos below!