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Phonics Screening

Phonics Screening Check


In June, all Year 1 children will participate in the phonic screening check. 


Your child will work with an adult who is familiar to them and will be asked to read 40 words. These words are all phonetically decodable and are a mixture of real and 'alien' (nonsense) words. If it is an alien word, it will have a picture of an alien next to it so the children will know it might sound funny when they read it. 


The words will contain a mixture of sounds. There will be a few 3 letter words, some words with digraphs and trigraphs, some words with split vowel digraphs, and some words with adjacent consonants. All the sounds will be taught in school but it would be helpful if you could work on phonics with your child at home. Please see the phonics page for guidance about how you can support phonics at home. 


Some examples of real words that have been used in the past: 

chart, fresh, zoom, strike, shed, label, blossom, saucers 


Some examples of alien words that have been used in the past:

jair, blies, whape, dack, nurt, heent, sprop