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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! 


Our start time for Year 1 is 9:00am and we finish at 3:15pm. 


Please come to school in your PE kit on Mondays and Fridays as these are the days when we will have PE! 


Reading books will be sent home on a Monday and collected in on a Friday. Please listen to your child read their books throughout the week to help them become more confident with their reading. This will also help your child to develop their fluency and use of expression. Please can you write in your child's green reading record book to let us know how well they read. 


We are still missing lots of our guided reading books so please could you take a look at home to see if you have any of our books hidden away. We would be very grateful to have them returned! Thank you! 





Fire Fire! 



Mrs Vass received an important email from the Museum of London asking for some help. Their exhibition, 'Fire, Fire' has been burnt and they need help to create a new exhibition about 'The Great Fire of London'. Mrs Vass knew that Year 1 would be up for the challenge so she forwarded the email to Frog and Newt Class! 


During this project, the children will learn to become historians, as they find out about the events of The Great Fire of London. They will learn about chronology and will learn to sequence the fire from its start, through to the wind dying down and the fire finally being extinguished. Lots of research will be conducted and the children will use a range of sources to become experts about this devastating event. They will explore the different factors that caused the fire to spread across the city and will learn about the consequences that occurred as a result. 



For this project, we will be creating a virtual exhibition, which will be shared with parents. 

More information will follow! 






What's New? 

We had an important visitor this week! Samuel Pepys came to visit us! We had lots of questions that we wanted to ask him to help us find out information about the fire and to learn who he was and what he did during the fire! The children then created a fact file about Samuel Pepys to show what they had learned. 


Project Vocabulary 


During our project, we are looking to develop the children's understanding and use of a range of vocabulary that is crucial to our learning. Our aim is to teach the children this vocabulary so that they can explain what it means. They should also be able to use it in a range of contexts both at school and at home. The children should be able to use it verbally when they talk and also in their written work. 


Please work with your child to develop their understanding of the definition of the word and to use this vocabulary with you at home.  


Key Project Vocabulary:  

cathedral destroyed


History Vocabulary:





Home Learning 


Home Learning for Fire Fire!