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Growing and Achieving together


Welcome to Year R!



Our start time for everyone is between 8.40am and 8.50am and we finish at 3:15pm. 


We have PE on a Thursday; We do not need plimsolls currently. Please take out earrings before school. PE bags will be sent home at the end of each half term to be cleaned. If you choose to take them home before this, please ensure you send back into school.


Please ensure that your child has their reading folder in their school bag everyday. All children will need to bring their bag and water bottle in everyday.  


Ensure all items of clothing are named and send your child in with a coat please - we are outside in all weathers! 



Our next project is ‘Let’s Tell a Story’.



This week a mysterious basket has arrived in the classroom with peculiar objects in it.  We wonder who the items belong to and what we can learn from them?


We are sure Reception will have lots of fun exploring, problem solving and learning through our experiences.


You are invited to our fairy tale workshop on Friday 24th May at 9:00am (45-60 mins).

Please send your child into class and then wait at the green playground gate until we are ready for you.

Thank you.



Home Learning


Child LearningBring in a photograph of your house and tell us why the pigs would enjoy living at your house!

(This can come in any time before half term)


Adult LearningRead some fairy tale stories to your child or orally tell the stories without the use of a book.

  • Can you retell the story?
  • Can you change the ending to one of these stories? (What else might the Big Bad Wolf do when he cannot blow down the brick house?)
  • Can you make up a story where two fairy tale characters from different stories meet? What would happen? (What would happen when the Big Bad Wolf met the Troll or when Goldilocks met the Gingerbread Man?)


Joint LearningMake a picture about a fairy tale story. (Eg the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel, Jack climbing the beanstalk)

  • You can make it any way you like – cutting and sticking, painting, drawing.

(This can come in any time before half term)


Project - Around the World 


This term our project is all about 'Understanding the World'





Over the next two weeks we will be helping the ‘Octonauts’ to explore the world.



We all gathered in the hall to board an aeroplane and fly to our first destination, China! We will also visit Australia, Brazil, Kenya and Italy.

Home Learning


Talk to your child about places you have visited, how is this place similar or different to where we live? You could send in photos and items from countries you have visited for your child to share with the class.



For the outcome the children will be sharing their travel memories with children across the school. The children will then come home with their suitcases filled with their souvenirs and share their learning with you.







Physical Development







          Use nature to help with your child's number  recognition, counting skills and recognising amounts through subitising 






Tricky words your child should be learning to read- Autumn Term



is                    I                  put                    pull                 as                     and                  his   


her                no                  to                     she               push                    of                    we

the                full                 go                     has                into                    he





Ideas to support you with your child's learning at home