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Growing and Achieving together


Why is the curriculum at Cove Infant School so special and unique?

The Curriculum at Cove Infant School is inspiring, challenging and engaging for our diverse learners. We understand that all children, including the more able pupils, require support and challenge in their learning in order to make progress and reach their full potential.  We strongly believe that engaging teaching and learning for all is the key to securing achievement for every child and seek to harness the power of learning through offering new, memorable and meaningful experiences which ignite interest and create a continuous desire to learn.  Young children have an enduring curiosity that leads them into new avenues of learning.  They explore the world through practical and first-hand experience which promotes questions in their minds that they want to answer.


Our curriculum leads our learners into a world of discovery where they face the unknown with confidence, resilience and an open mind. They learn to overcome difficulties through taking risks and developing a ‘can do’ attitude.  Learning in an atmosphere of support and encouragement, builds the foundations for learning through life and creates responsible and thoughtful citizens of the future.


We see our curriculum as the beginning of a long and exciting journey, full of opportunities that will bring the rewards of personal achievement and fulfilment together with a strong sense of self-belief that will allow them to tackle the challenges of life and living.



Whilst our Curriculum is integrated, the disciplines of each subject are also explicitly taught. To find out more, please click on each subject link below: 

To find out more about the Curriculum at Cove Infant School, please contact Mrs Natasha Vass (Headteacher) or Miss Carrie Maries (Deputy Headteacher) via the contact us page or on 01252 543737.