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We believe that History enables our children to have a constant and coherent understanding of the past. We want our children to be inspired to know more about the past and to ask questions about why things happened. We teach them to be equipped to ask perceptive probing questions, to think critically, to weigh up evidence and sift arguments to develop perspective and judgements. We want our children to develop good knowledge and understanding of historical events through thought provoking, innovative teaching which is embedded in a purposeful, realistic project based curriculum.


Our curriculum seeks a balance between breadth and depth to serve our children’s interests in using their historical knowledge. Therefore, our history curriculum enables our children to research evidence, draw conclusions and communicate their findings to others. We believe learning about history and its impact helps our children prepare for a future as citizens in a diverse multi-faith and multi-ethnic society. History is the story of human kind not just dry facts so we use these stories to help our children understand life in modern Britain.

‘Study the past if you would define the future’




Through assemblies and class based research work, children learn about

significant people in history and the impact they have had on how we live today.


The school celebrates annual events when Great Britain remembers past events

and the people involved.