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Our School Learning Values

Learning Values

At Cove Infant School, helping children to develop essential skills for life is considered to be just as important as teaching reading, writing or mathematics.

We strive to ensure that our children are enthusiastic about learning and are equipped with skills to help them overcome any challenges they may face.

Each of the 6 Learning Values embedded within the curriculum have a supporting puppet. This helps the children understand and use the Values as part of their learning. Through exciting opportunities offered by a creative curriculum, they acquire skills required to become life long learners.

Our 6 Learning Values are:

  • Independence
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Thinking
  • Spirituality
Ebele the Collaborative Elephant

Disaster strikes on the plains of Africa when a violent storm separates three young elephants from the rest of the herd! Luckily Ebele takes responsibility for his friends, ensuring that they work together, through various obstacles, on their journey back home.

At Cove Infant School, being able to learn, work and play collaboratively is a key value and life skill that is taught through our varied and rich curriculum. Our children experience tasks that develop their skills of participation, negotiation and tolerance to achieve a joint outcome that is shared and celebrated by all. We encourage our children to take responsibility for their learning journey and that by working alongside others can enrich and inspire not only themselves but others around them.


Panit the Spiritual Peacock

Panit the Peacock comes to live in England from the hot, sunny country of India. He is rather lonely though and he misses his friends. The other birds are very curious about this fascinating bird that had come to visit. However, Panit wishes that he could do the amazing things that all the other birds could do. One day he finds out that he is unique and special too.

At Cove Infant School we hope to inspire Spiritualty through our curriculum by providing opportunities for the children to identify the qualities that make them special and unique. We encourage them to be curious and ask questions and to have high aspirations for themselves. We want them to be amazed and fascinated, as well as having quiet times to reflect, on the awe and wonder of the world around them.


Indie the Independent Lion 

Indie the brave lion becomes separated from his pride. He has never been alone before and is left to solve the tricky problem of finding his family. Indie develops his independence and is able to overcome some difficult situations to be reunited with his pride.

At Cove Infants School all children are given opportunities to make their own decisions, apply what they know, plan and develop their ideas to solve different problems.


Carla the Creative Chameleon

Carla goes on a trip around the school looking for a bit of creativity, excitement and freedom in her life. The journey was not all to be expected and as Carla journey reaches its conclusion she discovers that what she was looking for was within her all the time!

At Cove Infant School creativity is about having ideas and being able to act upon them, with a sense that trying things out, in multiple ways, can eventually lead to a result. It is about your child having an open-minded approach, to have the courage to use their imagination. Innovation is born out of uncertainty. We strive to give the children the opportunities to be creative in all areas of the curriculum, allowing the children to discover their own learning through questioning and various stimuli. Our curriculum celebrates the process of improvements, giving the children the time required to become unique and have confidence to express themselves.


Oscar the Emotionally Intelligent Orangutan

Oscar the Orangutan shows his caring nature, when he helps a family in need of a home! Oscar comes to the rescue and offers friendship and sensitivity in order to form positive relationships with others.  He is aware of his own feelings of uncertainty as he helps out but tries extremely hard to be considerate towards the feelings of others.

At Cove Infant School, Emotional intelligence can be seen during assemblies and circle times, where children are expected to discuss their thoughts and feelings towards different situations. The children might also be involved in role play scenarios to gain an understanding of the feelings that other people experience. Children are encouraged to work through conflicts by themselves or with adult support, ensuring that they consider how their actions and words can affect others.    


Sanjana the Thinking Owl 

Sanjana is asked by her friends to find a way for them to store their food during the cold, winter months.  Sanjana loves finding ways to solve a problem so she sets off on a journey of discovery, where she meets several animals along the way. Each animal helps Sanjana create new ideas to share with her friends.  Sanjana gathers her throughts together and organises her thinking, before talking to her friends and offering new ways to solve their problem.     

At Cove Infant School we believe that learning is exciting when children are challenged to think in different ways, are curious and raise their own questions.  Thinking can be hard! By persevering, children clarify their ideas and open up new avenues of thought. Making connections between ideas supports understanding.  Thinking is an essential tool to help us make sense of our complex world. 

We design activities which require children to solve problems, make decisions, hypothesise and process information, in interesting ways. We want children to enjoy thinking and to become better thinkers.