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Religious Education (R.E)

Religious Education (R.E.)

Religious Education explores the meaning and significance of the many beliefs and practices of world faiths. It encourages us to ask big questions and carry out enquiries, exploring key religious beliefs and values. Religious Education develops a respect for cultural and religious difference and diversity, which in turn enables us to contribute positively to a cohesive and compassionate modern British society. 


At Cove Infant School, we follow our locally agreed syllabus which is Living Difference IV. This is the legal document to be followed for the teaching of Religious Education across all Hampshire schools.


“Living Difference IV seeks to introduce children and young people to what a religious way of looking at and existing in the world may offer in leading one’s life, individually and collectively.  It recognises and acknowledges that the question as to what it means to lead one’s life with such an orientation can be answered in a number of qualitatively different ways”. Living Difference IV December 2021.

Please find the Living Difference IV syllabus here

Each of our RE units follows The Living Difference IV 5 step Cycle of Inquiry - Communicate, Apply, Inquire, Contextualise and Evaluate.

We explore concepts with the children from their first-hand experience before applying them to religious ideas. Concepts such as Welcoming, Thanking, Light, Celebrating and the golden thread concepts of Love, Belonging, Special and Community are explored in our curriculum.

We teach the Christian and Jewish faith at Cove Infant School but do not limit our pupils' learning to solely these religions. Our school community has a range of different cultures and faiths and we welcome opportunities to learn about these. We also celebrate festivals and important days from other faiths and cultures such as Diwali, Chinese New Year, Ramadan and Eid.

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

Dalai Lama