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All about our Discovery Centre! 

Our discovery centre is a themed hands-on learning area in the middle of our school where the children access independent learning and exploration.


It is designed to inspire the children through awe and wonder experiences based around a particular stimulus.  It is fully interactive and thought provoking so that the children can experience learning in a meaningful and purposeful way, it gives them opportunities for engaging in exciting exploration and inquiry.  Children are often able to build on previous experiences and make connections in their learning in an enjoyable way


The discovery centre is a unique and changing environment which is stimulating, practical, informative and fun.  A range of technology is available and accessible for the children to use within the activities also.  Themes have included: Funnybones, Dinosaurs, Olympics, World Cup, Creepy Critters, Holes, Patterns, Pets, Space, Artists and Authors.


The immersive activities include story sacks, poetry, minibeast story books, symmetry, life cycles, listening station, Hexbugs, observing, organising and sorting.