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English is the vehicle by which all areas of learning are brought to life. It provides the power to communicate and to share, to convey our inner most thoughts, feelings and desires. A true love of English brings rich rewards from enjoying the rhythm, repetition and patterns of language to gain entry into others imaginations through story, poetry and drama and in discovering new knowledge from reference, information and factual accounts.


Skilful story telling keeps us spellbound and play encourages us to test out our use of language through imitation and rehearsal. English is vital to opening up learning of all kinds and across all subject boundaries.


“Studying English literature at school was my first, and probably my biggest, step towards mental freedom and independence. It was like falling in love with life.”

(Ian McEwan, Novelist)


At Cove Infant School, we use the 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised' to teach Phonics.  Click on the Little Wandle logos (here and anywhere else you see it on the school website!) to take you directly to the Little Wandle Parents Page.  For more information about how we teach the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Phonics programme at Cove Infant School, please click on the Phonics and Early Reading link above.