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What's Happening? 

We celebrated 100 days of school in Year 1! 

Each day that we have been at school, we have added a straw to our place value chart. We have learned how to bundle up a set of ten ones and move it into the tens column to make our number. 

Today we held a celebration to show we are 100 days smarter!  

Look at how we celebrated!

We learned to make sets of 10 to make counting 100 objects easier!

Making ourselves look 100!

Fire Fire! 


This week we learned about chronology. We learned to sequence the events of the fire in the order they happened. 

We worked collaboratively to sequence the events. 


We imagined what it would be like during the fire in 1666.

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Meet the Team! 





  Miss Maries                                                                 Mrs Packman                                                           Mrs Treanor 

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