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What's Happening? 


Our Summer Bucket List! 

Newt Class made a Summer Bucket List of things we would like to do during the holiday.....although there are a few items that we have discussed may need to stay on our Bucket List until we are grown ups or until Coronavirus allows travel! 


The document I have saved this on is not opening up at home so I will look into it when I am in school next week! Here are some of the ones I can remember at the moment....your child can always send their idea in on Seesaw and I will add it on! 


To swim with fish

To fly on an aeroplane

To go to Disneyworld

To eat ice cream

To see my grandparents

To go to the Isle of Wight

To see a shooting star

To swim with a shark

To go in my paddling pool

To do the reading challenge

To spend time with my family

To play in my garden

To fly in a jet fighter plane


Reading Words 


We collected in the word cards but please keep up with as much reading as you possibly can over the holidays! 


Below is our list of key words that we send home as word cards. I have also attached a list of 100 high frequency words and 200 additional high frequency words. 

2020-2021 Review!

We had a short photo review of our year before we chose about our favourite Year 1 memory and then wrote about it! 

Watch our slideshow!

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Meet the Team! 





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