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What's Happening? 


We have had a very busy start to the year in Newt Class! 


Phonics - This half term we are working on looking for our digraphs and trigraphs in a word before we sound it out and then blend. Each week we are reading words and also short phonic sentences, which are all decodable! We are having a go at real words - eg 'moon' and alien words - eg 'zaig'. We are putting dots under the graphemes that make their own sound and a dash under a digraph or trigraph, where 2 or more letters make one sound (phoneme). 


Maths - This half term we are working on developing a quick recall of pairs of numbers that make 10. See if you can help us to remember these from memory at home! We are learning all about teen numbers at the moment and are understanding that the first digit of the number tells us that it is a block of ten and that the second digit tells us that there are 'some more' or some 'ones'. We are learning to compare 2 sets of objects or 2 numbers, using the mathematical vocabulary 'greater than', 'bigger than', 'more than', 'fewer than', 'less than' and 'smaller than'. 


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - We are learning about word types. We are learning about nouns and adjectives. We know a noun is a person, a place or a thing I can have. (teacher, log, Legoland) We know an adjective describes a noun and helps us to get a picture of the noun in our head. (furry, happy, little) We are trying to use these types of words when we write a simple sentence. 


With our writing, we are working hard to remember our finger spaces between words and we are trying to start our sentences with a capital letter and finish with a full stop. 


Click on the project link to see some photos of us during our current project. We also have our  previous projects on display!  

Reading Words 


Below is our list of key words that we send home as word cards. I have also attached a list of 100 high frequency words and 200 additional high frequency words. 

Other Links 

Meet the Team! 





  Miss Maries                                                                 Mrs Reynecke- Andrea                                                           Mrs Treanor 

Class Teacher                                                    Learning Support Assistant                                 Class Teacher for one day each week