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Each Friday your child will have their phonics book assigned to their Collins e-library account. This can be accessed via the internet or by the Collins E-Library app. Previous books will remain on your child's account so they can re-visit them. 

Your child's log in details were sent home but if you have misplaced these then please catch Miss Maries so another copy can be sent home. 


We are hoping to fundraise for more books so that a copy of the book can be sent home with your child soon! 

What's Happening? 




We hope you enjoyed learning all about the Great Fire of London last half term! We became amazing historians and learned so much information! Check out some of our photos in the 'Projects' section below! 

This half term we will be busy with our new project, 'Stop That Mess!'. We will be learning to write narrative as we create our own stories! We will be working on using full stops and capital letters accurately and using the conjunction 'and' to join 2 ideas together in a sentence. We will continue to work hard on using adjectives to describe our nouns as we describe characters and settings. 


In Maths, we will start off applying our knowledge of number bonds to find the answers for addition and subtraction. We will be partitioning numbers so you can help us at home by looking at different ways to make numbers (Eg 8 can be made  as 4 + 4, 6 + 2, 5 + 3). We will be working on numbers to 50, looking at how many tens and ones these numbers have, finding one more and 1 less quickly in our head and looking at different ways to represent these numbers (with Numicon, Dienes, as a cherry model, as a bar model ec). 


In Phonics we are introducing a range of new sounds so we will shortly be sending home some new sound cards to practise so that children recognise these.    


We have learned how to take part in paired reading!

Here are some photos of our World Book Day Celebrations! 


Take a look at our 100th day of school celebrations! We had an amazing and we have learned so much about the number 100! We have learned to make sets of 10 objects and that we need 10 sets to total 100! Our counting in tens is incredible! 


Click on the project link to see some photos of us during our current project. We also have our  previous projects on display!  

Meet the Team! 





  Miss Maries                                                                 Mrs Reynecke- Andrea                                                           Mrs Treanor 

Class Teacher                                                    Learning Support Assistant                                 Class Teacher for one day each week