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Fire! Fire!

The children became Historians and Artists, as they learnt about the Great Fire of London.


They were informed a terrible fire had occurred at the British Museum, causing the loss of some important artefacts.

Photographs were shared with the children of some of these items and the children had to discuss what they thought they might be.


A visit from Samuel Pepys sparked an interest in the events that occurred during the great fire and a timeline was constructed to show the key events. A variety of causes were investigated and an understanding was gained of the consequences that occurred due to the fire.


Paintings of the fire were used as a source of information which led to the children creating their own Great Fire collages to show the devastation.


Through discussions with Samuel Pepys, the children gained an insight into the feelings of the people during this time.


An exhibition was then be created for the British Museum to showcase their work and findings from the project.