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Cove Infant School

Growing and Achieving together

Ethos and Values

Growing and Achieving Together



“Care for and protect something or

someone, while they are growing”



“to excite, encourage and motivate others to do

their best work and achieve more”



“to make someone stronger and more confident,

giving them the power to do something”

Cove Infant School is a highly successful school that prides itself on providing an excellent education for children aged 4-7 years.  Our children have the opportunity, through a values based curriculum, to learn by first hand experiences and to discover who they are in a safe, stimulating and engaging environment.  We ensure that all of the children at Cove Infant School are provided with a solid foundation for them to confidently explore learning, as well as providing the skills to encourage, inspire and empower them to develop an ‘I can’ attitude. We foster a spirit of enquiry in our children, coupled with a sense of self-worth; individual talents and contributions are valued and celebrated; areas for development are supported and addressed in a caring school environment.  We establish high standards of behaviour, reinforced by praise and underpinned by positive, moral values.


    Please feel free to contact us via the contact us page or via telephone if you require any further information.