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Mastering Number

At Cove Infant School, we believe in laying a strong foundation in mathematics for our youngest learners. We're proud to implement the "Mastering Number" program, a comprehensive approach to numeracy designed specifically for children in infant school.


What is Mastering Number?


Mastering Number is a pioneering approach focused on developing a deep understanding of numbers among young learners. It emphasizes the importance of number sense, counting, and the use of concrete materials for hands-on learning. 


Teaching Methods in Mastering Number:


1. Play-Based Learning:

We incorporate a variety of playful, engaging activities that make learning maths fun and interactive.


2. Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) Approach:

Children start with concrete materials (like blocks and counters), move to pictorial representations (drawings and diagrams), and finally to abstract concepts (numbers and symbols). This progression ensures a solid understanding of mathematical concepts.


3. Small Steps Learning:

Each mathematical concept is broken down into small, manageable steps, allowing each child to progress at their own pace.


4. Focus on Number Fluency:

A significant emphasis is placed on developing number fluency—ensuring children can recall basic number facts effortlessly.


5. Regular and Consistent Practice:

We believe in the power of practice. Regular, short sessions are designed to reinforce learning and help children retain mathematical concepts.



Inclusive and Adaptive:


Our programme is inclusive, catering to the needs of all children, including those who require additional support or challenge. We adapt our teaching to meet the diverse needs of our learners.




Through Mastering Number, our students develop confidence in maths from an early age. They build a strong number sense, problem-solving skills, and an enthusiasm for maths that lays the groundwork for future learning.