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Year 1

Year 1 



We aim to teach our children that people interpret the past in different ways and that people have different views about events. We teach our children about cause and consequence and why a person did what they did and that some events happened for more than one reason. We teach History at Cove Infants to establish, embed and advance our children’s thinking so that they can aspire to learn from the past to create a better future


As the children move into Year One they are introduced to different sources of information and artefacts to help them understand and explain about life in the past. They have opportunities to compare the present and the past, identifying similarities and differences. Through the project ‘Fire, Fire’ the children learn about the Great Fire of London through reading extracts from Samuel Pepys diary, they look at and dress up in the clothes of the time, they explore house construction and the impact and consequence of the fire in London. The children discover that not everyone lived in the same way giving them a balanced perspective of how people lived in the past.


The children are given appropriate contexts to explore cause and consequence behind events in the past and they use a range of sources, objects, photographs and written accounts to help them understand and to change their views or analyse their thinking.


The children in Year One have the ability to sequence key events on a chronological timeline, and can identify people, places and events from History. They are able to use research skills to deepen their knowledge