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Year R

Year R

Listen…clap, stamp, roar, whisper, squeak are some of the early noises you might hearing from our youngest musicians as they excitedly explore vocal and body percussion. Their confidence grows as all children realise they are musicians. Stories that they’ve heard before unfold in new and wondrous ways as voices and instruments dramatise and engage both performer and listener, bringing these stories to life in increasingly creative ways. Hear the beat as the children learn about instruments in an orchestra, then practice and perform to an audience themselves. As their knowledge of instruments grows, watch our children select and compose their own musical ensembles, allowing them to express themselves in innovative ways.


Throughout the Early Years curriculum, children are encouraged to explore and express their ideas and feelings through a variety of songs and musical activities, both inside and outside the classroom. They learn to use a range of tuned and untuned instruments and begin to investigate rhythm and how to keep a steady beat. The children are introduced to the names and the correct use of instruments, in order to find out how sounds can be made and changed. Then they take part in various musical games which helps them to listen and identify different sounds that they cannot see. They apply these skills to create sounds to accompany stories.

‘I like music – I like playing the tambourine because we can shake them. We learn lots of songs.’