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Year 1

Year 1


Here's a summary of the key topics it covers in Year 1:


Place Value:

Children learn to count to 100, both forwards and backwards, starting from any number. They explore concepts of 'one more' and 'one less', and understand the place value of each digit in two-digit numbers.


Addition and Subtraction:

Children are introduced to simple addition and subtraction problems. They use objects, pictures, and eventually number lines to help them understand these operations.



Children explore basic 2D and 3D shapes, learning to name and describe them. They also look at patterns and symmetry.


Length and Height:

This involves measuring and comparing lengths and heights using non-standard units (like cubes) and then moving on to using standard units like centimeters.


Weight and Volume:

Children compare and measure mass (weight) and volume/capacity, using terms like heavier, lighter, more, less, full, and empty.



Introduction to recognising coins and notes, understanding their values, and combining amounts to make a particular value.



The concept of time is introduced with a focus on days of the week, months of the year, and telling the time to the hour and half-hour.



Basic fractions such as 1/2 and 1/4 are introduced, particularly in the context of shapes and quantities.


Position and Direction:

Children learn about positional language, and simple directions (left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards).



Basic data handling is introduced, including simple tally charts and pictograms.