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Year 1

Year 1



As the children enter Year 1 they start to explore numbers up to one hundred, how they fit into our number system and begin to understand the pattern and relationship between these numbers.


Throughout the year the children are taught how to partition and recombine numbers to enable them to understand addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and apply this knowledge in order to solve one step problems. Children are taught a variety of ways to represent their work.  



Counting becomes more complex in Year 1 as the children learn to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. They then begin to apply this knowledge in different contexts e.g. shopping and money exchange, counting pairs of socks and for grouping and sharing large amounts of objects.


Fraction, shape and measure are integrated into the Year 1 projects to give them a real context and purpose where children can apply their skills. Children are taught a half and quarter as fractions of a shape, a number and a quantity and how to apply this knowledge to solve a problem.


During Year 1 children will use and compare different types of quantities and measures using non-standard units and start to use common standard measures such as metres, litres and grams.


The understanding and use of mathematical vocabulary is taught and further developed to enable children to engage with others to explain their strategies and thinking.