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We used line drawings to represent our animals from Marwell Zoo

A parcel arrived from the zoo, the children were asked to help Marwell out. The zoo is expecting 60 new animals and they have not even begun to work out what kind of enclosures to build. Each child choose an animal to become the expert keeper of. The children busily try to figure out what type of animals they are, what they eat and what kind of habitat they will need by exploring their features and researching them using secondary sources. They then created a model to represent their animal, making sure each limb is proportionate and the pattern reflects the skins, the lines express the folds in the body and the texture is an accurate representation, before creating a model enclosure of the habitat their animal needs to survive.  They  then created  a fact file leaflet to inform visitors about the animals.

This project was taught remotely during national lockdown, the children shared their sculpture during a 'Live Session' so that children at home and the key worker children in school could learn about each others animals. 

Using line drawings to represent our animals.