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There has been a fire.

In Frog Class we are becoming Historians. Historians look at clues from the past to find out what has happened. Historians asks questions and seek to answer them.

We have written a list of questions after looking at the sources sent to us by the London Museum. When we find out the answers we will record them on our list.

Look at our 1666 houses!

We have been looking carefully at the thick and thin lines in pictures of Tudor Houses. We have been practicing using scissors to make our paper cuttings thin and thick. 

We have spent a long time looking at the 4 days that the fire burnt London. We have been making timelines and recording the important information.

Samuel Pepys

We received some artefacts from the ‘London Museum’ we have looked at them very carefully to see what we can learn about the Great Fire. We have made some observational drawings of the artefacts and found some clues to what they were used for.