Encouraging children

How do we encourage our children to learn?

“…activities are planned carefully to provide wherever possible active learning and first hand experience which will challenge and motivate children.”

We offer all children a curriculum which is broad, balanced and differentiated. We believe that children achieve their best in an atmosphere of encouragement, where they feel valued and their individual strengths are recognised and developed. We enable pupils to become self-reliant and self-motivated, showing respect and consideration for others and equip them with the skills and attitudes which they will need for junior education and life long learning.

The school caters for infant children, now known as;-

The Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 ( 4-7 Years)

We offer a range of teaching strategies including whole class, group activities and individual work and believe that this variety helps to meet pupil’s individual learning needs. Young people need to be increasingly adaptable, independent and confident. We aim to prepare our children for the future through the variety of their experiences at Cove Infant School.

The Reception year follow a special Early Years curriculum, the Early Learning Goals, based on six broad areas of learning until they are ready to begin the National Curriculum programmes of study at five years old, or in some cases, earlier.

The National Curriculum is composed of five core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education and Information Communication Technology as well as six foundation subjects: Design and Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education and Art.

Religious Education is taught using the Hampshire Guidelines. Pupils study beliefs and values with a particular emphasis on Christianity as well as comparative studies of Judaism.

Planning and Teaching

We offer classes of thirty pupils in Key Stage 1 with single age groups.

All staff prepare and plan work using detailed schemes of work that have been written to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum and which build on previous learning. Teachers and Learning Support Assistants plan closely together to ensure that this approach delivers good continuity for every child. Policy statements for all subjects taught are regularly reviewed and are available for you to see.

The core subjects although occasionally taught separately are becoming increasingly taught within other subjects based on a theme. Themes also provide further opportunities for pupils to apply and demonstrate previously learned skills.

Learning Values

Our school is very proud of our 6 learning values which help children to develop essential skills for life.

Click on the link below to take a look at our learning values booklet.

Learning Values