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We aim to create a community where high standards of teaching and learning enable all our children to develop the skills and knowledge that they will need for junior and secondary education and life long learning. We foster a spirit of enquiry in our children, coupled with a sense of self-worth; individual talents and contributions are valued and celebrated; problems and difficulties are supported and addressed in a caring school environment.

In our school:

– We believe in high standards. We encourage children, staff, parents and governors to set high standards of achievement, value excellence and experience success.

– We aim to meet the legal requirements of the National Curriculum and Statutory End of Key Stage 1 Assessments.

– We offer a variety of strategies to develop each pupil as an independent as well as a co-operative learner.

– Learning objectives are matched to each child’s stage of development so that individuals develop confidence and a sense of achievement through learning.

– Activities are planned carefully to provide wherever possible active learning and first hand experience which will challenge and motivate the children.

– We recognise the value of a well-organised environment which is attractive and stimulating.

– We encourage and celebrate all achievements within and beyond the curriculum.

– We endeavour to provide continuous professional development for all staff.

– We encourage teamwork so that human relationships grow in an atmosphere of positive commitment and enthusiasm.

– We believe in partnership with parents. We try consistently to develop this further and to enrich the curriculum through involvement with the community.

– Cove Infant School encourages all members of the school to respect themselves, each other, our local community and the environment.

– We establish high standards of behaviour, reinforced by praise and underpinned by positive, moral values.

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