Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC) development and, within this, the promotion of fundamental British values, are taught, reflected upon and embedded fully throughout all aspects of school life.  It is the over arching umbrella that encompasses individual personal development, encouraging us to think about the kind of people we aspire to be and the kind of world we aspire to create. It is an essential part of preparing our children to learn and achieve and to live full active lives as part of their community, as well as contributing to the development of society as a whole.

At Cove Infant School we promote SMSC and British Values through our broad, integrated and enriched curriculum, through our school and learning values and through our strong links with parents and the community.


Spiritual development is about the development of a sense of identity, self-worth and appreciation of our uniqueness. About the exploration of our own beliefs, values and emotions and respecting those in others. About having a sense of awe and wonder and fascination about the world around us, being creative in our learning and having the ability to explore, reflect and develop our own potential.






Spiritual Development at Cove Infant School

  • Projects and Project Outcomes
  • Using our Learning Values: Panit for Spirituality and Carla for Creativity
  • Visits and visitors
  • Exploration of the outside environment
  • Assemblies and Class Worship
  • Using the Discovery Centre
  • Opportunities for reflection
  • Religious Education Lessons
  • PSHE Lessons
  • Circle Time
  • Themed Weeks
  • Special Festivals and Celebrations

Moral development is about giving children opportunities across the curriculum to explore and develop moral concepts and values such as personal rights and responsibilities, truth, justice, equality of opportunity, right and wrong. To show consideration and kindness, and to respond appropriately to the needs, feelings and opinions of others. To understand the consequence of their behaviour and actions and to respect the civil and criminal law of England.

Moral Development at Cove Infant School

  • Taking responsibility through Class jobs
  • Embedding Class and School Rules
  • Pupil voice – considering children’s views and opinions
  • School Council
  • Good to be Green Behaviour System
  • PHSE and SEAL lessons
  • Ways to stay safe and healthy
  • Through our Learning Values: Oscar for Emotional Intelligence and Indie for Independence
  • Fundraising eg Unicef, Comic Relief, Red Nose Day
  • Opportunities to explore wider moral issues through Projects
  • Use of Thinking Hats
  • Assemblies and Class Worship
  • Links with the Community –eg Harvest and Foodbanks

Social development is about how we use our social skills in a range of contexts. Being able to share ideas and opinions, manage conflict, and collaborate with others in order to be part of a successful team. To develop positive relationships with others and to show respect for people from a range of backgrounds and with different beliefs and needs. To understand how to care for people, living things, property and the environment to enable us to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.

Social Development at Cove Infant School

    • Performances
    • Class jobs
    • Presentation of work at Project Outcomes
    • Playground Buddies
    • School Council
    • Lunchtime Clubs
    • Assemblies and Class Worship
    • Top Table
    • Inter school sports
    • Celebration Assembly
    • Through our Learning Values: Ebele for Collaboration
    • Shared learning across different year groups
    • PSHE and SEAL Lessons
    • Visitors and visits

Cultural development is about how we experience and celebrate our cultural diversity. It’s about understanding and appreciating how people live their lives now and in the past. It’s about valuing our own cultural heritage and showing respect for other people’s values and beliefs. It’s about experiencing a range of arts, language, food, music, artefacts and other cultural practices.

Cultural Development at Cove Infant School

  • Themed Days and Weeks
  • Music Festivals
  • French Club
  • Projects and Outcomes
  • Musical experiences
  • Assemblies and Class Worship
  • National Events and Celebrations
  • RE lessons
  • Visits and visitors
  • Wacko Competition
  • Displays around the school
  • Links with the wider world

British Values at Cove Infant School

British Values have been identified as:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs
  • Elected School Council by children’s vote– listening and sharing all children’s view
  • All children contribute to Class Rules
  • Children chosen to represent class in… Green Team, ICT leaders
  • Children volunteering to be Playground Buddies
  • Children apply for and then get chosen to take on the responsibility for Class Jobs
  • Make choices to contribute to school fundraising
  • Decision making using yellow/ black hats eg in conscience alley
  • Daily opportunities for children’s opinion’s and choice within the learning environment
  • Pupil conferencing and questionnaires
Rule of Law
  • Each class decide on own class rules
  • School rules – enforced by all. Children understand value and reasons for the rules and consequences for breaking the rules
  • Good to be Green Behaviour System
  • Playground rules
  • Safety rules – PE etc
  • E-safety – rules
  • Police Visits – to Year R
  • Fire Crew – visit to Year One
  • PSHE activities on right and wrong
  • Negotiated rules when working together in Collaboration
  • Assemblies and Class Worship
  • PSHE and circle time
Individual Liberty
  • Using the Value of Independence- personal responsibility
  • Children encouraged to exercise their rights throughout the school, class, playground and through the curriculum
  • PSHE – respecting others, encouraging ambition and aspirations
  • Celebrating achievements in assemblies
  • SEAL has specific units relating to Individual Liberty – especially ‘It’s Good to be Me’
  • Opportunities to pursue own interests eg sport, music, art through Curriculum and after school clubs
  • Developing School and Learning Values
Mutual Respect and Tolerance
  • Through assemblies – different beliefs, celebrations, cultures
  • PSHE promoting tolerance and respect
  • RE lessons compare different religions, customs and beliefs
  • Through using value Emotional Intelligence
  • Visits by local priest
  • School visits to places of worship
  • Link with the wider world through projects
  • Contributing to foodbanks. Harvest, fund raising for others,
  • Themed Days or weeks learning about other cultures – through music, art, food, dance etc
  • Exploring what it means to be British – way of life and our culture and national days and festivals


The development of SMSC and British Values is crucial because it develops the whole child, preparing them for their future lives and to be active citizens. It allows children to develop a deeper understanding of the wider world, develop an understanding and empathy of themselves and others and empowers them to take responsibility for their positive role in society later in life. It allows them to thrive in a rapidly changing society and enables them to become happy, healthy, respectful individuals that have a love of life so that they know the difference between right and wrong and to develop lively, enquiring minds.

At Cove Infant School we, therefore, aim to provide learning opportunities to explore and develop:

  • Children’s own values and beliefs
  • Their own spiritual awareness
  • Their own high standards of personal behaviour
  • A positive, caring and tolerant attitude towards other people
  • An understanding of their social and cultural traditions
  • An appreciation of the diversity and richness of other cultures.

What the children say:

“It is right to make sensible choices and follow the rules.”

“I really enjoy learning new stuff. It’s exciting. I loved doing Chinese dancing. They talk differently to us.”

“It’s important to listen to each other and help people.”

“There was a lovely smell in our classroom. I think it was an angel because they smell nice.”

“Look after each other. You can play alone or play with friends. You have to respect and be helpful and kind to everybody.”

“Rules help to keep us safe and save the world.”

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