As ICT is continually developing and new technologies emerging, we as a school strive to give all children the skills to prepare them for their future. ICT is an essential part of everyday life and will continue to evolve in as yet unforeseen ways, so our children will need the confidence and ability to move with changes as they arrive. We envisage an environment where technology is an integral part of school life and is used as naturally across the curriculum as any other classroom resource. We believe that the use of technology encourages children and adults to become active and independent learners, who collaborate, plan and communicate more effectively with each other and the wider local, national and global communities, of which we are a part.

Year R

In Year R the children have the opportunity to use IPads to enhance their learning throughout the curriculum. They use apps to support their phonics through learning to write the letter sounds and blending them together. They use the ‘My Story’ app to retell fairy tales by taking photos and recording their own voices. This then creates a video that can be watched. There are a variety of other apps on the IPad that the Reception children explore such as listening to stories and playing games.



The children learn how to program a simple instruction into a beebot. They learn that they have to program it in a certain order to make the Beebot move. The children enjoy exploring the Beebots using the grids but they also have the freedom to create worlds for their Beebots using the blocks or small world toys.

The children use a host of other technology as well. They are able to use the interactive whiteboards during teacher led inputs as well as during their Discovery Time. We have CD players which the children can use to listen to stories or to practise their latest dance moves. They have ‘talking pegs’ which can be used to set a challenge that they listen to or can be used to record their own voices. We also look at technology in the world around us!


The children have the opportunity to use our computer suites and learn to develop mouse skills as they click and drag objects, as well as drawing pictures. They use simple programs to organise the data they have collected.



The Year R children are taught the importance of internet safety and are taught to tell an adult if a message appears on their screen.

Year 1

Throughout Year 1, children begin to explore the world of coding. Children understand that technology works through the programing of a set of instructions, known as an algorithm. They examine instructions in everyday situations, such as making a sandwich, or through their daily routines. They then begin to program simple technology using both software and hardware. The children also learn to plan and program a series of instructions and experience the technological language associated with this. Children use Beebots and explore coding apps such as Beebots and Daisy the Dinosaur.

Year 1 children will use technology to enhance their learning during their projects. They research the Great Fire of London through the use of IPads and computers. They collect data and record their findings using a data program. They use a paint program to create their own pictures and begin to explore a wider range of creative tools for their design process.



The children develop their word processing skills by typing their traditional tales before sharing them with Year R children. They learn to change the font, size and colour of their text and become more familiar with the function of keys on the keyboard. They also learn to save and print their work more independently.

IPad apps enable children to develop their Mathematical and Phonic skills which provide a stimulating enhancement to these curriculum areas. Teachers are aware of the power of technology but also ensure that it is used as a supporting tool. It does not replace the skills of reading a book or writing. Children are constantly taught and reminded about keeping themselves safe on the internet.



Year 2

As the children move into Year 2 they continue to explore coding and develop their skills further. They are able to plan, program and execute an algorithm. They also learn to debug a set of instructions, and can explain where the error occurs, as well as suggest the correct instruction that is required. They work with Beebots as well as control apps, on the IPads. The children enjoy the challenge of ‘The Crystal Rainforest’, which is an educational problem solving program. The children are required to think logically to solve the programming problems in order to save the rainforest.

The children are confident to use technology to research their projects and find out more information to enhance their learning further. They are able to fact find about the Titanic and can look at 3D images of the ship. They are also able to find out about different types of animals and explore a zoo’s website before they visit. Technology is also used to provide an exciting stimulus to ‘hook’ children into an engaging new project and helps to provide them with a purpose for their learning.

Year 2 children develop their word processing skills further and use these skills to create presentations and leaflets. They begin to type using both hands and can add text and pictures to their work. They can confidently save, print and open their work.

The children are constantly reminded about internet safety and they learn the importance of keeping their personal information secret when using the internet.



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