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Coronavirus - Covid-19

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Click below to view our Catch Up Funding Document:

The BBC have produced a new episode of ‘Get Well Soon’ with Dr Ranj, which covers Coronavirus.  If you would like to show this to your children, please click here.

Click on each of the images below to see our videos of the social distancing markers and drop boxes at each of the gates, modelled by Annabelle and Theo, Evie and Max! Thank you to all of them for being such superstar helpers!


Social Distancing when you enter through the Red Gate:

Still image for this video

Social Distancing when you enter through the main playground:

Still image for this video

When on the school site:

  • Adults must wear a face mask at all times
  • You must keep to the left when walking around the school site, to ensure that social distancing is maintained
  • Children must remain with their parents at all times - they must not run off.
  • Social distancing markers must be adhered to when in the lines to ensure that social distancing is maintained
  • Please do not gather with other families / other individuals
  • Only one parent on site to drop off / collect your child
  • Please only arrive at your child's specific drop off / collection time to ensure that we are minimising numbers on the school site at any one time.  See below for staggered start / finish times: 


Class Start time Finish time
Year R Caterpillars 8.50am 3.05pm
Year R Ladybirds 8.40am 2.55pm
Year 1 Frogs 9.00am 3.15pm
Year 1 Newts 9.00am 3.15pm
Year 2 Butterflies 8.50am 3.05pm
Year 2 Dragonflies  8.40am 2.55pm


Self - Isolation for Covid-19


If you or your child is showing symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid -19) you must not enter the school site.  Please inform us that you are entering into household isolation for 10 days or until a negative test result is received.  


If you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace due to having been in contact with a positive case of Covid - 19, you must not enter the school site.  If your child is also contacted they are not allowed to attend school.  Those who have been contacted must enter into a period of self isolation for 10 days.  If you develop symptoms of Covid - 19 within this time you must take a PCR Covid test, bookable here: Book a Coronavirus Test. If you do take a PCR test within your 10 day self - isolation period and you test negative, this does not mean your self - isolation can end.  You must still remain in self-isolation for the full 10 days.  If you test positive within this time, your 10 day self-isolation period will start again from the day you developed symptoms or, if asymptomatic, from the day of your test.