Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Week 12 of Lockdown 08.06.2020 – 12.06.2020

Dear Parents

We heard this poem and we wanted to share it with you. Please keep on smiling you are doing an amazingly tough job at home. We hope you can find moments each day to smile. Every message, photograph or learning on PurpleMash makes us smile so thank you.

We hope you are well and staying safe.

Mrs Webb and Mrs Paramore

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Please don’t feel disheartened if this is not instant we will look at all of the learning through out the week.

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Task a look at some of the amazing learning we have been sent this week…

If your child is settled and you feel ready for it…

Week 12

Home Learning


Please listen to your child read. If they get stuck on a word remind them to use one of our 5 reading strategies to work out the word. If they still cannot read it please read it to them.


Apostrophes is our focus this week.

Write down the words in your book that contain an apostrophe. Can you work out why it is there?

These videos explain the different types of apostrophes and why they are used.



Challenge 1: Talk about the image.

  • Where do you think this is? How do you know?
  • How many cats are in this class?
  • What time of day is it? Why do you think that?
  • Why is the white cat putting its paw up?
  • What are the other cats doing/thinking?
  • How is the black cat feeling? Why?
  • Which cat is the cleverest? Which cat is the best behaved?
  • What do you think the other classes in the school are like?
  • What lessons are taught in cat school?
  • Compare this picture with images of other classrooms below. What’s similar and what’s different?

Challenge 2: Draw/describe what you think their teacher looks like.

There is a template on PurpleMash or in your yellow learning book.

Challenge 3: Talk about the image.

  • Who is the teacher? How do you know? What is this teacher like?
  • Which pupil is finding this work the most difficult? Who is finding it easy?
  • How old do you think the students are?
  • What is the mole passing to the rabbit? Does the teacher know?
  • Who made the paper aeroplane?
  • Compare this classroom to your own. How is it similar/different? Which would you rather be in?
  • Maths link: Where’s the Maths in this picture? (What are multiples of 3? What time is it? How can you tell the time without numbers on the clock? What shapes can you see? How could you sort the animals?

Challenge 4: Talk about the image.

  • How do you know that this is a classroom? Can you find 10 ‘clues’?
  • Who is Dash? Why is it his classroom?
  • What is being taught?
  • Do you think the children are interested in the lesson?
  • Do you think he is a good teacher?
  • Is this learning environment a good one?
  • Compare Dash’s classroom to your own. What’s similar and what’s different?
  • What should a classroom look/sound/feel like? Should all classrooms look the same?

Challenge 5: Design your ideal classroom. What would you include and why?

There is a template on PurpleMash or in your yellow learning book.



Please send in your pages from last weeks writing task.

Please can you create an A4 page telling us what you would like to be when you grow up.

Please used these templates to help you.

Once you have completed this please can you send us an image of your A4 piece of paper to [email protected]

All entries will be compiled to create a year group book.


Mathematics Steps to Success Teaching of Maths KS1

Week 12-

This week in math’s we are focusing on reasoning.


Eggs in Baskets

There are three baskets, a brown one, a red one and a pink one, holding a total of ten eggs.

The Brown basket has one more egg in it than the Red basket.

The Red basket has three fewer eggs than the Pink basket.

How many eggs are in each basket?

Use your problem solving tool kit:

Act it out- Find things that could represent the eggs and the baskets. What do you know about the eggs and the baskets?


Draw it out- Use pictures to explain what you know about the eggs and the baskets.


Do not forget to underline/highlight the important information in the question.

Good Luck!

Hello Dragonflies

I have been at school this week with Mrs Moody we are in Giraffe Bubble with the year R’s. I am enjoying seeing your pages sent to Mrs Vass.

Keep smiling and stay safe.

Mrs Paramore

Message from Mrs Webb to Butterflies:

Hello Butterflies,

I have been at school this week with Mrs Rendle we are in Elephant Bubble with the year R’s. I am enjoying seeing your pages sent to Mrs Vass.

Take care,

Mrs Webb

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To access a copy of previous weeks learning please see below:

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Week 1 of lockdown 23.03.2020


Week 1 Lockdown Music and Art Ideas

Dragonfly Class 


Helen Paramore

Butterfly Class


Rachel Webb

Dragonfly Class 

LSA: Sue Byrne

Butterfly Class

LSA: Zane Reynecke-Andrea

(Update 22.03.2020 This information is currently suspended until school returns to a normal format. )
Some important weekly information:

  • Music – Thursday mornings.
  • PE – Tuesday afternoon and Thursday mornings. (Please ensure your child’s named PE kit is in school)
  • Library – Friday
  • Maths Library – Friday
  • Reading books will be changed on Fridays
  • New spelling words on Fridays

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