Year 2

Year 2

Diary Dates:

Wednesday 12th February 2020

2.15pm  Outcome S.O.S

In Year 2 we have just started our emotional project S.O.S!

After peeping through 5 mysterious, ocean liner portholes, the children generate literal questions about the images they have viewed. The children will have an encounter with a desperate soul, they will look to sources for answers. The children will become acquainted with one particular soul on the Titanic and learn to emphases with this person. They will also become familiar with the ship herself, enabling them to represent her from many different perspectives through a variety of mediums. During this journey across the Atlantic Ocean, the children become familiar with the ships and create stunning masterpieces to capture its beauty. As she sinks into the ocean to lay peacefully on the ocean floor, the children will recreate her final notes to reflect the sound of the string quartet that played right until the end.

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Going Bananas!

Upon arriving at school, Year 2 climbed on board Cove Infant Airlines. After taking their seats and following the inflight safety video, the children jetted off to St. Lucia, one of the Windward Islands. Once landed they began to explore their destination and find out about what it is like to live on a tropical, volcanic island in the Caribbean.

Through taking a flight to a faraway tropical island, the children got the opportunity to explore a contrasting locality to the UK and learn about different landscapes, economies, trades and cultures. They have been developing their mapping skills and had the opportunity to learn more about physical and human features of the localities. They opened a travel agents in which they led their parents/carers around. Before asking them to chose between Island A and Island B.

Thank You to all who attended the Going Bananas outcome. Mrs Webb and Mrs Paramore are feeling so proud of everybody in Year 2. It is our second Year 2 outcome and the children have taken on the role of ’expect’. We know it is not easy to lead your grown-up and do all the explaining so well done!

Our project values have been Thinking and Creativity.

Through our learning on ‘Thinking’ we have learnt to organise our thoughts and can now choose between three graphical organisers. (Tables, Thought Maps, Lists)

We have also been trying to be more ‘Creative’ with our map making using objects to represent features.

We have loved our project GOING BANANAS!

Here are a few photographs to show you what we have been up to:

Creature Comforts

The children studied an animal to gain scientific understanding into classification, predictor prey relationship and habitats.

Welcome To Year 2 Advice Leaflet for parents
Meet the Teacher 2019

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Welcome to Year 2!

Dragonfly Class 

LSA: Sue Byrne

Butterfly Class

LSA: Zane Reynecke-Andrea

Dragonfly Class 


Helen Paramore

Some important weekly information:

  • Music – Thursday mornings.
  • PE – Tuesday afternoon and Thursday mornings. (Please ensure your child’s named PE kit is in school)
  • Library – Friday
  • Maths Library – Friday
  • Reading books will be changed on Fridays
  • New spelling words on Fridays

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