Welcome to Year 2!

Meet the Teacher

Thank you for attending our virtual meet the teacher, we hope you found it useful and informative! Click on the links below to access the presentation and Q&As.


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Your child’s username and password can be found in the back of their reading record book.

Rock Drop

Mrs Webb and Mrs Paramore need your help.

We wish to spread the


Can you help us?

We need your help to create painted rocks with kind messages. We would like to hide them all over the Cove Infant School Site. In the future after COVID-19 we would like children of Cove Infants to find your messages to make them smile.

Anyone can design a rock if you have sibling or family member who would like to join in our project that would be lovely.

Please use lots of colours.

Maybe you could squeeze a picture as well as your message on your rock.

Don’t forget it has many sides.

Please allow time for your rock to dry before painting it in PVA glue vanish.

Your rock will need a varnish if they are to survive the rainy weather we get in the UK.

Once you are finished, please go on a walk or a cycle to Cove Infants School.

You will find a box. This is the rock drop. It will be located on the right hand side of the main black metal gate at the start of the drive a box. Please post your rock into the box without entering the school site. These rocks will remain in the box and be collected after a safe time frame. They will then be cleaned in line with school policy. In the future these rocks will be placed on the school site for children to find and enjoy!

If your child is settled and you feel ready for it…

Week 18

Home Learning


Please listen to your child read. If they get stuck on a word remind them to use one of our 5 reading strategies to work out the word. If they still cannot read it please read it to them.


Homophones our focus this week.

They are two words that sound the same but have a different meaning and are spelt differently. I wonder how many homophones you can find in a book you are reading?




Below is a copy of the list of spellings we have been working on all year.

Challenge can you….

Looking for more learning…


This website is for English based learning. Molly takes you on a adventure and you will help to create journals and stories.


Spelling Games:



Mathematics Steps to Success Teaching of Maths KS1

Week 17-

This week in math’s we are focusing on Subtraction.



Subtraction Squares

Subtraction squares


To create an unbroken line of counters from your starting square to the opposite side of the board.

Number of Players:


Materials Needed:

Copy of the game board.

2 numbered cubes
About 20 yellow and 20 red counters. (You could use stones/pasta/any small objects.)

How to Play:

Decide who will go first.
Choose one of the coloured starting squares.
Close to your place, stack the counters that are the same colour as your starting square.
The person with the yellow starting square will travel down the board.
The person with the red starting square will travel across the board.
Take turns throwing the two numbered cubes.
Find the difference between the two numbers showing on the cubes.
Collect the same number of counters of your colour.
Place the counters in a line one next to each other on the board beginning at your starting square.
The line does not need to be straight – you can place the counters to the side of each other.
You cannot skip a square. You cannot move diagonally.
If you come to a counter of the other player’s that is blocking your line, you will have to travel around that counter!
The first person to reach the other side with an unbroken line of their counters is the winner.


Looking for more learning…


There are lots of lovely games to try as well as some quizzes.

Looking for some more maths.

This document outlines how we teach problem solving in Year 2.

You can uses the tables as models to help you create some of your own questions.

We would expect your child to use the table format to solve the problems in a logical way.

Good luck and happy problem solving.

We hope you enjoy!

Problem Solving Table

Hello Dragonflies

I just wanted to take this chance to thank all of Dragonflies for my kind gifts. I have loved having one last chance to say goodbye. Please remember this doesn’t have to be the end. When life is back to normal drop by to Infants School and say hi. I would love to see you. Take care enjoy your summer holidays. Good luck in year 3!

I will miss teaching you all!

Best wishes,

Mrs Paramore

Message from Mrs Webb to Butterflies:

Hello Butterflies,

Keep smiling, be kind and never give up. Remember what Mrs Webb always says: ‘If you make a mistake it is progress!’ We learn from our mistakes and that is what makes us better. I wish you the best of luck in Year 3, I know you will be fantastic! I have loved seeing you all at our 1:1. I would just like to say a massive thank you for my gifts, cards and virtual hugs! I will miss my lovely Butterflies.

I wish you the best summer and all the success in the future.

Mrs Webb

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To access a copy of previous weeks learning please see below:

Year 2 Week 1 Lockdown Message

Week 1 of lockdown 23.03.2020


Week 1 Lockdown Music and Art Ideas

Dragonfly Class 


Helen Paramore

LSA: Zane Reynecke-Andrea

Butterfly Class


Miss Rachel Cotterell

LSA: Sue Byrne

(Update 22.03.2020 This information is currently suspended until school returns to a normal format. )
Some important weekly information:

  • Music – Thursday mornings.
  • PE – Tuesday afternoon and Thursday mornings. (Please ensure your child’s named PE kit is in school)
  • Library – Friday
  • Maths Library – Friday
  • Reading books will be changed on Fridays
  • New spelling words on Fridays