Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Lockdown Week 2 30-03-2020 – 03-04-2020

Dear Parents

Let us hope to look back on these times with a smile.

Let us hope to remember them as the time we all got to spend together in our home.

Let us hope that when your child is older they will turn to you with a smile and reminisce over these times.

We know right now, this situation is less than ideal. You are more than likely to be stressed, anxious and restless. We understand, we are living though this too.


Living is what we are doing. These are the synonyms to living: existing, breathing, a state in which you are alive!

Lockdown is to keep us all safe and alive. With that in mind, what we suggest for you to do below is a suggestion. If you or your family need time, just to be. That is okay. There is always tomorrow.

For your child to look back upon these times with a smile and remember the ‘fun’ time spent in your house you are going to need to navigate these times as only you know best. Every time you speak to your child, you are modeling language. Every time you clean, tidy or go about domestic chores. You are modeling what is required to run a home. Watching you, focus on your work demonstrates determination. Not everything a child learns is academic. Building a sofa fort with all the cushion and blankets in your house. Teaches them about structures, about materials, about heaviness and stability. All building blocks of science and design technology. Playing in this way is a learning curve.

We ask you to take time during this lockdown and enjoy what makes your family smile within the boundaries of your home. We promise learning will happen.

Below we have set another weeks’ worth of Reading, Writing, Maths, take it at your own pace. On the e-learning page for Year 2 are three more ideas aimed at the other curriculum areas.

Let us hope we see each other again soon, but for now take care and stay safe!

Take care of yourselves,

Mrs Webb and Mrs Paramore

Click on the link below to access Purple Mash from home.


Your child’s username and password can be found in the back of their reading record book.

If your child is settled and you feel ready for it…

Week 2

Home Learning


Please listen to your child read. If they get stuck on a word remind them to use one of our 5 reading strategies to work out the word. If they still cannot read it please read it to them.

When you are reading please question your child about the book:

Personalising is our focus this week.

Asking for a personal angle or an evaluative response

  • What do you personally think…?
  • What’s your own view about…?
  • How well…?
  • In your opinion, why….?


Week 2 Adverbs

We have been looking at starting our sentences with different types of words to create interest for our readers.

Adverbs are words which describe how we are doing something (verb).

An example:

Suddenly the boy ran away.

Carefully the little girl opened the box.

Challenge: Using some adverbs from the list below or of your own choice.

Please can you write an account of what you have been doing though week 1 of LOCKDOWN. This can be done on paper or in your textbook or on Purple Mash.

When you login to Purple Mash in the 2Dos section (Red tab) you will find the template.

We look forward to reading your accounts if you produce them in Purple Mash. If not we look forwarding to reading them in the future.
































This video is provided to aid understand of what an adverb is/does.


Mathematics Steps to Success Teaching of Maths KS1

Fraction Word Problems

Fractions if your child is completing the fraction problems from last week then please move on to this week challenge. If they are still finding it hard. Work at their pace and create more sums like last week. It is only though practice that we master skills.

Week 2 – Fraction Word Problems

In the final week of school, we began to discuss how to answer Fraction Word Problems. This is fairly new to us. Do not expect your child to be able to solve these straight away. If we were in school, we would be teaching them to use our problem-solving table and guiding them through how we solve these kind of problems.

Problem-solving table.

First, we would read the question and extract the important information.

Then we would use a jotting to represent this information. Labelling it to help us keep track of what we are doing.

Finally we would use the jotting to solve the problem.

Worked example:

Mrs Webb invites 15 friends to her party. A third of them were girls. How many were boys?

Below are three more 2-step problem questions to solve. Take your time and ask yourself.

What do I know?

What do I want to know?

  1. Mrs Webb invites 20 friends to her birthday party. A quarter of them were girls. How many were boys?
  2. If it took Mrs Webb 15 minutes to walk ¾ of the way to school. How long would the whole journey take?
  3. Mrs Paramore collected cards but chose to swap half of them. If she had 24 cards how many did she swap?

2-step problems require the child to know exactly what they are trying to find out.

If your child is struggling, that is okay. Take their problem solving back to two part 1-step problems. Using the same method as above.

Some of these problems ask your child to do two separate calculation and compare the answers. They are not 2-step as they do not require the child to use the information from previous calculation to find the answer to the overall problem:

  1. Mrs Paramore says ½ of 20 is more than ¾ of 16. Is she right?
  2. Mrs Webb thinks that 1/3 of 15 is more than ½ of 8. Is she right?
  3. If I had 12 apples and gave ¼ of them to my Grandma she would have 4 apples. Am I correct?

For some children the amount of words will impede the mathematics one solution to this is to read it to them. Another is too take it back to straight equations see questions 1-3 below or limited worded problems see questions 4-6 below.

  1. ½ of 16=
  2. 2/4 of 36=
  3. 2/3 of 30=
  4. I cut a cake into to 16 slices and I put ½ of them in a cake tin. How many slices are in the cake tin?
  5. I had 36 sweets. What is 2/4 of the amount of sweets?
  6. In a class there are 30 children. 2/3 of them have their jumpers on. How many children is that?

Please choose an appropriate level of questioning for your child. All of the stages laid out above would be part of our planning. Do not push your child to solve a problem. Instead, work with them. Show them how. Tell them how you know. It is from this process problem solving skills are formed.

Key questions though out the mathematic challenge this week:

What do I know?

What do I want to know?

Message from Mrs Paramore to Dragonflies:

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. I also hope that you are listening to the grown-ups in your house. I thought you might like to know that since I have been in lockdown. I have been watching the animals in my garden. I have some lovely birds and I put food out for them. Sadly, I also have a naughty squirrel who sneaks in like a ninja and steels my bird food. I am not very happy with him. My plan this week is to keep an eye on him and make sure he is sharing the nuts and seeds with my birds.

Maybe you can keep an eye out in your garden or out of your window. Do you have a naughty squirrel?

Message from Mrs Webb to Butterflies:

I hope that you have enjoyed the sunshine last week. I also hope that you are trying your best to help your family in this rather odd time. Do not forget to give your grown-ups love and cuddles. I have been trying my best to do something nice. Therefore, I thought you might like to know that this week I made some cakes for Mr Webb. They are in dinosaur bun cases because he really likes dinosaurs.

Maybe you could have a go at doing something nice for someone you live with. Have a think about what you could do to make them smile?

If you click on the arrows to the left of the Home e-learning tab at the top of this page you will be re-directed to another pages of learning ideas. Scroll down for the year 2 challenges.

To access a copy of previous weeks learning please see below:

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Week 1 Lockdown Music and Art Ideas

Dragonfly Class 


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Dragonfly Class 

LSA: Sue Byrne

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LSA: Zane Reynecke-Andrea

(Update 22.03.2020 This information is currently suspended until school returns to a normal format. )
Some important weekly information:

  • Music – Thursday mornings.
  • PE – Tuesday afternoon and Thursday mornings. (Please ensure your child’s named PE kit is in school)
  • Library – Friday
  • Maths Library – Friday
  • Reading books will be changed on Fridays
  • New spelling words on Fridays

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