Welcome to Year 1!

Meet Your Year 1 Teachers

We would normally have had Transition days for your child to meet their new teacher. We have put together a video all about us.

Please click on the image below to take you to the video link.

Newt Class

Miss Maries- Class Teacher (Deputy Headteacher)  and Mrs Packman- Teaching Assistant

Frog Class

Mrs Webb- Class Teacher

Meet Your Year 2 Teachers- Click Here!

What have we been doing?

We are responding to your Evidence Me photos! Can we just say a huge THANK YOU to you all! These messages brought a huge smile to our faces and we are amazed at how creative you are being with your child’s learning!

Here are some of the things the Year 1 children have been up to!


Ethan D. has learned all about chemical reactions using diet cola and mentos. It made quite a mess!!!!

Anya has had an adventure strawberry and raspberry picking! They looked delicious! She has also used her map reading skills to find her way around a woodland trail. She even left arrows on the ground to help other people!

Freddie made a video to teach Miss Maries how to play the game Labyrinth. It looks a great game to play!

Vala has been extremely busy! She has spotted vowels in words and made compound words. She has worked very hard with her Maths and is growing some delicious vegetables! Vala also explored the different parts of plants that we eat and drew a beautiful picture to show me what she found!

Charlotte F. is enjoying photography and visited poppy fields to practise taking photos. She has also been den building and has made and decorated a wooden board for her to practise her tap dancing on!

Jad has sent me a picture of his beautiful miniature garden…..I would love to sit in it in the sunshine reading a book! He has also been learning about the Olympics and the parts of a plant that we eat.


Finley has been investigating through science experiments and has learnt to tie his laces – great job Finley!

Corey has been growing sunflowers with his brother and they are taller than them now!

Cooper has been learning about the parts of a plant and has also been creating some super folding surprise drawings!

Lila has made a salad dressing bottle into a beautiful decoupaged vase for her flowers!

Beau has been busy spending time outside in the garden – lets hope the sunshine comes back for us soon!

Jacob has been doing lots of math, enjoying his slip and slide, learning to cross stitch and has been keeping fit with Cosmic Yoga too!

Evie has been practicing telling the time with her new watch!

Ian has been doing lots of reading, researching about space and has been on some nice long walks!

Project Updates

We celebrated our 100th school day in Year 1 just before the half term break.

Each day we have counted the day by adding a straw into our chart and then once we had 10 separate straws we bundled them together as a set of 10. We looked at how numbers to 99 had a tens digit and a ones digit.

Take a look at some of the fun we had!

Home Learning

Click the link below for our Home Learning

Coming soon!


2D shape information 

3D shape information


Click here to see an example of the Cherry Model

Click here to see how to add using a number line.

Frog Class

Teacher: Miss Baldwin

LSA: Mrs Hill

Newt Class

Teacher: Miss Maries

LSA: Mrs Packman

Educational Links

Click on the link below to access Purple Mash and Education City from home.


Your child’s username and password can be found in the back of their reading record book.

Year 1

Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


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