Welcome to Year 1!

Dates to Remember!

Tuesday 4th February – E-Safety Day

Monday 10th February – Fire! Fire! Outcome – time to be confirmed

Tuesday 11th February – Parents Evening

Thursday 13th February – Parents Evening

Friday 14th February – INSET day – No school

Our PE days are Mondays and Fridays.

Our Library day is on Thursdays.


We have received a request for help from the British Museum! A terrible fire has ruined their Great Fire of London Exhibition so they would like our help to create a replacement exhibition!

Today a strange box appeared at school. Inside we found some artefacts which we used to find out about History! We had a pipe, a candlestick, a wig, cheese, and some coins. We worked out the box belonged to Samuel Pepys. He was very important in the Great Fire because he wrote a diary about the fire.

Samuel Pepys will make an appearance on Wednesday so that we can find out information from him about the Great Fire of London.

We will be writing captions about the artefacts for our museum to inform our visotrs.

We will be reading twice a week so please help your child to practise their book at home. Re-reading a book enables children to develop their fluency and expression. It also helps children to embed sight vocabulary to memory. Please remember to sign your child’s reading record book each time you practise.

We are thrilled will the progress the children are making with their phonics and we will be continuing to develop our ability to apply our phonic skills to read real and alien words. Each week we will send home a new set of words in your child’s pink phonic book for them to sound button and practise reading. We have put a help guide on this page to support you with the sounds that the different patterns make (See the useful resources section). Please can these pink books come in to school on a Monday so that we can add the new words for the week. Thank you!

In Maths, we will be looking at representing numbers to 50. We will look at how a number is made up of tens and ones and will be showing this using dienes blocks, Numicon tiles, a cherry model and a bar model.

Project Updates

We looked at some pictures of the Great Fire of London and tried to copy sections using different mediums.

We did some research to find out infrmation about the artefacts. We used the artefacts to find out about the past.

We found some white feathers in our classroom! It turns out an angel had visited us!! We explored the role of an angel and had a go at creating an angel using our own ideas. We worked creatively like Carla the Chameleon and had to think like Sanjana.

We had a wonderful time reading our Hansel and Gretel stories to the Year R children. We showed them our books, read the story and talked about the artist Gustav Klimt as we showed them our front cover.

Home Learning

Click the link below for our Home Learning

In a Far Away Land Home Learning


We were comparing amounts and numbers this week. We have been trying to use the language ‘greater than, more than, bigger than, larger than, smaller than, less than, fewer than’. Hopefully your child will be able to use all these terms so help them to practise at home…..ask them to compare the number of forks to cups on the dinner table or compare the number of boys to girls in your household or the number of red lego bricks to blue in their model etc.

We used words and then we moved onto using the greater than, fewer than symbols. We learned that the smallest end points to the smallest number (Or that the crocodile’s mouth is always open at the largest number because it wants to eat the biggest number!)


Click here to see an example of the Cherry Model

Click here to see how to add using a number line.

Frog Class

Teacher: Miss Baldwin

LSA: Mrs Hill

Newt Class

Teacher: Miss Maries

LSA: Mrs Packman

Educational Links

Click on the link below to access Purple Mash and Education City from home.


Your child’s username and password can be found in the back of their reading record book.

Year 1

Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


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