Welcome to Year 1!

Dates to Remember!

Friday 15th November – Children in Need – wear your own clothes and bring a teddy for a donation!

Friday 22nd November – PTA Mufti Day. Tombola donations in today

Friday 29th November – Christmas Fayre – after school

Monday 2nd December – Individual and sibling photos

Friday 6th December – Year 1 Dress Rehearsal

Monday 9th December – Bring in a gift for a Mummy and a Daddy

Monday 9th December – Year 1 Family Show – 2pm

Wednesday 11th December – Year 1 adult show 9:30am  

Friday 13th December – Christmas Dinner Day – wear Christmas Jumpers, Bring in £2 for Mummy and Daddy gift sale.

Monday 16th December – Elf Run for Phyllis Tuckwell – wear Christmas Jumpers!

Tuesday 17th December – The children will have the opportunity to watch a theatre show – Star in a Jar!

Friday 20th December – End of term – early finish – no Explorers

Our PE days are Mondays and Fridays.

Our Library day is on Thursdays.


This week we will be looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel so if you have the chance, please look at this story together at home. We have unpicked the key features of traditional tales (stories that have been told for many years).

We have learned that there is a traditional beginning (Once upon a time, Long long ago, One day), good characters, a bad character, a problem and an ending (And they lived happily ever after).

We will be writing the beginning of our story with an exciting story opener. We will then type up this part of the story to go into our book! We will also create some of the illustrations for our stories.

In Maths, we will be applying our understanding of number bonds to 10. We will be using subtraction to find a missing number in an addition number sentence. Eg.    4 + ? = 10      10 – 4 = 6  so the missing number is 6.

Phonics – This week we will be learning the sounds with a split vowel digraph – i-e, o-e, u-e, e-e, a-e

We will be sending home phonics books this week for you to work with your child on some phonics. All we ask is that your child draws the sound buttons under each word to help them read the word. Can they think of any other words that have the same sounds in them? They also have 3 key words to have a go at spelling. Please let your child use the book to write these in.

Each individual sound needs a dot underneath it, any digraphs or trigraphs need a dash underneath them. For example, church would have dash (ch) dash (ur) dash (ch), clown would have dot (c) dot (l) dash (ow) dot (n)

Project Updates

Miss Ferdows had a package which contained Fairy Tale  stories went missing. We stumbled upon the box outside and were saddened to see that the pages had been ripped out and they were soggy in the rain! We are going to help Miss Ferdows by becoming authors and illustrators! We are going to create our own Fairy Tale books and will read these to the Year R children once we are finished!

We created an algorithm (instructions) and programmed it into the Beebot to make it move. Some children will conduct this during the week ahead!

We have explored colour mixing.

In Science, we took a walk outside and learned about deciduous trees and coniferous trees. We learned that the leaves fall off deciduous trees in the autumn but the leaves/needles on the coniferous trees stay evergreen.

Home Learning

Click the link below for our Home Learning

In a Far Away Land Home Learning


Take a look at some of the Maths we have done using the cherry model.


Click here to see an example of the Cherry Model

Click here to see how to add using a number line.

Frog Class

Teacher: Miss Baldwin

LSA: Mrs Hill

Newt Class

Teacher: Miss Maries

LSA: Mrs Packman

Educational Links

Click on the link below to access Purple Mash and Education City from home.


Your child’s username and password can be found in the back of their reading record book.

Year 1

Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


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