Welcome to Year 1!

The start of a new school year is upon us and we would like to thank you for all your support at home to ensure your child had a smooth transition back to school! We have had a fantastic first few days back at school and hopefully your child has been able to tell you some of the things we have been doing!

Each day, we will conduct a short phonics session and a Number Time session.

We will alternate the teaching of English and Maths each morning.

Our playtime is 10:15am and our lunch is at 12:25pm. We have a playtime at 12:00pm, prior to eating lunch.

Our PE days are Monday and Friday so please send your child into school dressed in their PE clothes on these days. Children are allowed to wear sports trousers and can wear a sports sweatshirt or their school jumper.

Project Updates


We have started to learn about adjectives and how they describe a noun. We looked at the Mouse in the Gruffalo and used adjectives to describe his ears, tail, claws etc. Then we put our ideas into sentences. Last week we continued to make our character puppets for the Gruffalo. We now have stick or rod fox puppets, a pop up mouse puppet and a paper bag owl puppet.

This week we will be making our final puppet which is the Gruffalo! Then there will be lots of rehearsals for us to retell the story of the Gruffalo in our puppet show! We will be exploring the story through the use of musical instruments to see whether we can create sounds to portray the different characters. In Maths, we will be looking at partitioning the number 10 to see how many different ways we can do this. We are now experts at using cherry models (See the Maths section lower down for an example) to show this and this week we will be using a bar model.


Last week a mysterious box appeared in both Frog and Newt class. It was sent by Julia Donaldson who needs our help. She wants us to PICK A PUPPET and help her to tell the story of the Gruffalo. We are going to find out about a range of puppets and will then spend time making our own. We will work collaboratively to put on a puppet show about the Gruffalo.

This week we will be exploring different ways that we can join materials. We will be designing and making our own sock and rod puppets. We will then evaluate our finished puppet, saying what we like about it and any improvements we might make next time. We will also write instructions about how we made our sock puppet.


This we have been exploring different ways that we can join materials.

We have been designing and making our own sock puppets.

After we had made our sock puppets we had a lot of fun bringing them to life on the end of our hands.

Home Learning

Click the link below for our Home Learning

Pick A Puppet Home Learning 


Whole Class Reading Vocabulary 

12.10.20 – We are reading A Squash and A Squeeze

chewed – to crush with your teeth

nibbled – to take little bites

decided – to make a choice

curious – to want to learn about something

Smashed – broken into pieces

Wise – very clever

grumbling – to moan and groan

disaster – something bad that happens

Project Vocabulary

puppet, equipment, material, construct, template

Design Technology Vocabulary

join, attach, design, evaluate, adapt

Collaboration Vocabulary

compromise, communicate, decision, agree

English/Maths Vocabulary

Adjective – a word that describes a noun. It helps us to get a picture in our head about the noun.

Partitioning – breaking a number up into parts.

Noun – a person, place or a thing that I can have

Syllable – a beat in a word, a chunk of a work. Eg li-on has 2 syllables

Meet The Teacher

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual Meet the Teacher session. We hope you found it useful and informative!

Click on the link below to access the presentation.

Here are the questions you raised and our responses. Please click the link below.

Questions and Answers 

What have we been doing?


This week we have learned about our senses and have been on a listening walk to see what we could hear. We used our sight to describe how objects looked. We talked about the colour, shape and whether it looked prickly or furry etc. We tried touching objects and described how they felt. We came up with a great list of words!

We had to work collaboratively in a group to smell pots and we tried to guess what was inside. We had coffee, lemon, perfume, vinegar and mint. The children made some amazing guesses! We also tasted some crisps and had to guess the flavour!

Check out some photos from our first few days!

Getting to know you!


The children in year 1 loved guessing who was giving the clues. Please watch our videos below and see if you can guess along at home.

Frog Class Guess Who?


2D shape information 

3D shape information


Click here to see an example of the Cherry Model

Click here to see how to add using a number line.

Frog Class

Teacher: Mrs Webb 

LSA: Mrs Hill and Mrs Wan 

Newt Class

Teacher: Miss Maries

LSA: Mrs Packman

Mrs Treanor will be the teacher in class on a Friday but Miss Maries will be in school.

Educational Links

Click on the link below to access Purple Mash and Education City from home.


Your child’s username and password can be found in the back of their reading record book.

Year 1

Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration


Learning Values Key: EI – Emotional Intelligence / TH – Thinking / CRT – Creativity / SP – Spirituality / IND – Independence / COLL – Collaboration