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This page has been created to provide you with some ideas for the weeks ahead, whilst schools are closed to the majority of pupils.

Please remember that this is a difficult time for the children, as well as the adults across the community.  Our children need to feel comforted and loved right now – they are more than likely feeling anxious but may not know why, they are just picking up on feelings from the adults around them.  Although the thought of being off of school for  a prolonged time may be nice initially, the reality of this is that they are trapped at home and not seeing family and friends.

To support your children, there is no need to have a perfect schedule.  We are not asking you to ‘Home – School’ – we are asking you to provide opportunities that you may not normally have the time to do together.  Activities that are fun and exciting and that you enjoy as a whole family.  You may like to play outside and go on walks; bake cookies and paint pictures; play board games and watch movies; do a science experiment together or find virtual field trips of the zoo; start a book and read together as a family; snuggle under warm blankets and do nothing.  Don’t worry about their academic progress at this point. Every child is in this boat and they all will be ok. When we are back in the classroom, we will address their needs from wherever they are.

Over the coming weeks, you may see an increase in behaviour issues with your children. Whether it’s anxiety, or anger, or protest that they can’t do things normally – it will happen. You’ll see more meltdowns, tantrums, and oppositional behaviour in the coming weeks. This is normal and expected under these circumstances.

If we can leave you with one thing, it’s this: at the end of all of this, your children’s mental health will be more important than their academic skills. How they felt during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they did during these weeks. Please bear that in mind, every single day.

Click here for an example timetable of things you might like to do in a day

Click here for some wonderful screen-free activities.

Read at Home Challenge from Hampshire Library Service

Hampshire Library Service are trying to encourage children to read 6 books and write a book review about each one.

Once they have done this you can award them the certificate which is downloadable below.


New Resources – Internet Safety

Try out the range of 15 minute internet safety activities created by CEOP. Please look at these with your child to help them understand the importance of internet safety.

Thank you

Year 1 and 2 activities 

Year R activities 

The BBC have produced a new episode of ‘Get Well Soon’ with Dr Ranj, which covers Coronavirus.  If you would like to show this to your children, please click here.


We are aware that some parents are looking for reading books for their children during the school closure. Please remember that children can read any books they have at home, even if they are only picking out the words that they know.

There are several sites that are allowing free access or a free trial for 30 days during school closures. We hope you find these useful.


Reading scheme books


Reading scheme books. A reading book every day plus some activities


Reading scheme books


A few free resources. A 30 day free trial.

Reading scheme books


30 day free trial

Books for pleasure

Literacy and Maths 

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/     A range of online activities to play for Maths and English      Year R – Search Early Years resources    Year 1 and 2 – search KS1 resources

https://www.ictgames.com/      A range of online games to play for English and Maths

www.twinkl.co.uk    Range of printable activities for all subjects.      Year R – look at the EYFS tab.    Year 1 and 2 – look at the KS1 tab.

Twinkl have set up a Learning hub with new activities everyday.

Twinkl Free access code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

Twinkl Free access code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Go here to activate free Twinkl access during closure. https://www.twinkl.com/resources/covid19-school-closures


https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/    A range of e-books for children to read

www.phonicsplaycomics.co.uk      Lovely phonic comics to read

www.phonicsplay.co.uk  Lovely games for reading phonetic words and high frequency words. Games for sentence building.

Username: march20     Password: home

Lovely phonic comics to read at www.phonicsplaycomics.co.uk

www.teachyourmonstertoread.com      Free website for phonics. The app has a cost.

http://www.pobble365.com/      A lovely website with pictures to stimulate discussions, which will develop children’s language and vocabulary. This could also be used for writing tasks.

https://www.literacyshed.com/home.html    A lovely website with pictures to stimulate discussions, which will develop children’s language and vocabulary. This could also be used for writing tasks.

https://stories.audible.com/discovery     Audible stories to listen to.

https://worldbook.kitaboo.com/reader/worldbook/index.html#!/    ebook reader is free for children. You just need to sign up.

NUMBOTS Free Subscription finishes on 30th June.

www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/numberblocks         The videos are great for teaching mathematical concepts.

https://www.themathsfactor.com/          This is free during school closures


Here is a lovely new e-book to support children who are worried during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Everybody Worries e-book


Pied Piper Theatre Company

The first of six online videos for babies and young toddlers is available now. Watch and sing along together.
Physical Education

Every day at 9am Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson for the nation!


https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers   Lots of movement sessions and these are also linked to Literacy and Numeracy!

www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga    Yoga for children



Fancy singing some of the songs that we learn at school? Then visit the Out of the Ark website for some songs and lyrics!

Out of the Ark  

Hampshire Music have sent us some more exciting Music links!

Underwater     29.6.2020

Colours of the Rainbow   22.6.2020

Marvellous Me    15.6.2020


You Got Rhythm 

Subscribed Sites 

Purple Mash app or online https://www.purplemash.com/sch/cove-infant

Find login details in the back of your child’s reading record book!

Lots of online activities to conduct….make your own music, draw, write and play games.


Education City


Lots of activities for a range of subjects. Log in details should be in the back of their reading record books.

Science History and Geography 

Some wonderful webcam links that you can use as virtual school trips! Also some lovely activity sites.

https://kids.sandiegozoo.org      lots of animal facts, some games and activities and wonderful webcams!!

www.frugalfun4boys.com/bird-cams-to-watch/Webcams which look at a range of birds!


https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/panda-cam/     Range of different animal webcams

https://www.360cities.net/image/view-from-the-eiffel-tower     View from the Eiffel Tower

https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/virtualtours.htm      Visit some National Parks

https://aqua.org/Experience/Blacktip-Reef    Look at the black tip sharks and other creatures.


https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk/      Science activities

Virtual Sports Day!

Friday should have been our school sports day! It looks as though the sun would have been shining on us! We have created a virtual sports day for your child to complete at home. There is an activity guide with instructions for each event and a recording sheet to colour in each activity as it is completed.

Why don’t you send us in some photos of your virtual sports day on Evidence Me!

Click on the links below to access the activity guide and recording sheet.

Activity Guide                                 Recording Sheet

Year R E-Learning 

Hello Everyone. Can you believe that this week is the last week before the summer holidays begin. I know we cannot believe it too!

It is unfortunate that your child was unable to complete a full year in Caterpillar and Ladybird class. We have missed them! In the short time they were with us,  we were able to watch their personalities and love of learning grow . It has been a pleasure to have taught them. We would like to say a big thankyou to the parents for all your support throughout the year and especially during lockdown.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer. See you in September.

Miss Ferdows, Mrs Barker and Ms Graves


All previous weekly home learning activities will now be archived under our Year R page.  So if we have removed anything from here you can find it on the Year R page.

We have set up some challenges on the My City page on Education City.  Go and have a go at them!

There are also activities set up on the 2Do section of Purple Mash

We have been doing Cosmic Yoga everyday. The children in school love it. Why not have a go.

Cosmic Yoga link


Pick a picture each day to write about. Can you describe what you see. Use adjectives to describe the colours and what it looks like. What is the weather like?


Write about what you will be doing over the summer holidays?

Draw a picture of yourself- write about yourself and the things you like doing

Create a diary for the week


Now we know that your child may know their numbers to 20. But can they explain the value of a number? Remember to keep practising  more and less

Work on the formation of teen numbers. Revisit understanding of teen numbers. For example the number 14 is made up of 10 and 4 (Not 1 and 4) Your child needs to know this to be able to understand that the 1 comes first as it is a 10.

Blow bubbles and count them. Can you add with bubbles.

Cut up fruit slices. Have a go at adding and taking away with them  and then eat up the delicious fruits


Crazy paint monsters (Blow the paint using a straw)

Folded paint butterfly

Create a Kite  using straws and tissue paper.


Summer Lolly

Summer drink

Put elastic bands onto a block and place into mixed coloured paint- print onto paper.

Year 1 E-Learning 

Well it hardly seems possible that we have reached the final week of the school year. Whoever would have thought back in September that this year would have been quite as historic as it has!

The Year 1 team would like to take a moment to thank you for all your support throughout the year, particularly during lockdown. You have supported your child’s learning through a very challenging time, whilst still trying to maintain your own work! We really appreciate everything you have done and it was lovely to be able to catch up with you and your child last week in school. You have created some amazing memories for your child that they will cherish forever and it was clear as they spoke about them last week what an amazing time they have had. The photos you have shared with us through Evidence Me have kept us going through the pandemic and they have brightened up some very sad days when we were missing having our children with us in person (Trust us, we really do see them as our own and feel very privileged that you ‘lend’ them to us on a daily basis).

We hope that you have a wonderful summer! With any luck the weather will be on our side for the last 6 weeks!

We can’t wait to welcome everyone back in September!

Take care

Love Miss Maries, Miss Baldwin, Mrs Packman and Mrs Hill


We have archived our weekly home learning ideas on our Year 1 page so please take a look through.


Double Trouble!


We are giving you a few art activities to have a go at this week!

Make a paper plate desert island! 

Make a woven heart 

Cut out 2 arches like the picture below out of different coloured card.

Then weave the arches together to make a heart shape

Make some bugs! 

The bugs are out and about enjoying the summer weather. Can you make your own bugs?

Phonics / Maths

Play scrabble!

Make a word and then work out how much that word is worth using the scrabble tiles. If you are playing against someone, who scores the highest?

Play 10 rounds of the game and see who has the highest score now?


Take a look at the map below and the key which shows you the different features.

Can you work out where to find the features from the grid below?


Play this is the answer!

Choose a number to have as your answer and then see how many ways you can find to show the answer.

Don’t forget you can also talk about 1 more/1 less and that it is before, after or between.

Try a different answer everyday this week


When we look at 2 digit numbers we know that the first digit tells us how many sets of 10 there are in that number. The second digit tells us how mny ones there are.

See if you can find the correct numbers to answer the questions. You can print the document or look at it on screen and write the answers down on a piece of paper.

Place Value Problems 



The sun will be shining this week so tr to make some tricky word sun catchers to decorate your windows!

Try spelling the words:

said, there, they, come, some, have, like, are


Grown Ups Beware!

The weather should be good again this week so dust off those water pistols or grab a small bucket. It is you verses your grown up (Miss Baldwin and I are sure that you are going to win!)

Here is the challenge…..your grown up will give you a word to spell. You can write it down or spell it out loud.

If you spell it correctly, it is your turn to give your grown up 1 squirt from the water pistol. However, if you don’t spell it correctly, your grown up gets to give you 1 squirt of the water pistol!

(You can also play siblings against each other!)

Here are a list of year 1 spelling words that you can use:

Let us know who ends up the wettest!


Have a little look at shadows this week.

Can you create some shadow animals?

You could even try to make shadow words!

Great Fire of London Event by The Museum for London – Part 3 is on Monday 20th July!

3 live streams are being conducted in July. Each video will look at a different aspect of the fire. Check out the Museum’s website for more information.

Museum for London

Year 2 E-Learning 

Butterflies and Dragonflies,

Thank You!

Thank you for cuddling Mummy and Daddy when the world turned weird.

Thank you for talking to your family.

Thank you for being brave and following the rules.

Thank you for staying in and keeping safe.

You might miss us, please know we miss you!

Mrs Paramore and Mrs Webb

Learning at home does not have to be like it is at school. We do not all have the same things in our homes so we cannot all do the same things.

That does not mean do nothing, but does mean you have a choice. If your grown-up tells you to do something, please listen and do it. We would like it to be done to the best of your ability.

We have given you some ideas below. Start by choosing something that sounds fun for you to do.

Subject: PSHE

As we come to the end of Year 2, it is a time to look back and reflect on all you are. We feel so proud of how you have coped with Lockdown and disruption to your time in school with us. We think you have been very brave.


 Idea 1:  Message of reflection,

Can you write us a message that you would like to share with your friends or staff at Cove Infants?

Maybe you would like to share your best memory.

We will post your messages on our website so that everyone can read them.

Please upload your message onto Evidence Me or the template in Purple Mash.


Idea 2: Can you create a portrait of yourself?

When something comes to an end it is okay to feel sad, try to remember that when one door closes a new door or adventure opens. You will have a fantastic time at Junior School.

We will miss you!

Please upload your learning onto Evidence Me we can’t wait to see it!

To view the Year 2 Reading, Writing and Maths learning click on the Year 2 page.

At the bottom of the Year 2 page you will also find a copy of all Year 2 learning from previous weeks in lockdown.

Any learning your child fancies doing is learning worth exploring. If your child fancies any of the learning from Year 1 or R they can do that.

To make it more challenging asking your child to research first.

For example:

If your child fancies making a shark. You could ask them to find a particular species of shark to create. They could spend the time representing the markings on the skin.

You could then develop this interest further by asking your child to explain the key features that define the species.

You could ask your child:

Which ocean the shark lives in?

You could challenge your child further by asking them:

Can they create the whole food chain for their shark?

Not all learning has to be written they could make the food chain and you could video their explanations.

We cannot wait to see these videos and photographs on Evidence Me!

Please follow your child’s interests if they want to find out more then they will always be more motivated to learn.

Children who have been following their own interests:

Well done to all the children using yummy biscuits to solve the maths problem!

Well done to Abigail your chilled reading zone looks idyllic!

Well done to Evie N-G your felt dolphin is sewn superbly.

Well done to Imogen your Tie-dye bag looks very colourful.

Well done to Thomas for using his maths skills to help his Dad!

Well done to everyone sending us pictures of the rocks they are painting!

Well done to everybody following their own learning interest and challenging yourselves.

Your independence makes Mrs Webb and Mrs Paramore feel very proud of you.

Keep posting on Evidence Me we love looking at your photographs and comments!