Ladybird Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Barker / Mrs Lakhani

LSA: Mrs Rendle

Caterpillar Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Harris

LSA: Mrs Moody

LSA and Speech & Language LSA in both classes: Mrs Gratton


Regular Dates:

PE day is every Thursday (Please keep your PE kit at school and we will send it home half termly for washing)

Music is on a Thursday morning.

Dates for your Diary:

Friday 16th November – PTA Cinema Night – Arthur Christmas – 4:30pm start

Friday 30th November – Christmas Fayre – starts straight after school

Monday 3rd December – Bring in a gift for a Mummy and a Daddy.

Friday 7th December – Gift sale – bring in £2 and buy a gift for your Mummy and Daddy.

Friday 7th December – School Christmas Dinner

Monday 17th December – Theatre company in to perform a show to the children.

Tuesday 18th December – Christmas Party afternoon

Thursday 20th December – End of term


Please send in reading books every day. If your child doesn’t have their books when they read they will be unable to bring a new one home.

The cold weather is beginning so please remember to name all hats, scarves, gloves etc as it helps us to match them up to their rightful owner!

What's Happening?

We are learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and bonfire night. On Friday we will be learning about the celebration of Diwali.

This week we will be learning the sounds       z, zz, j, qu

We will begin to recognise the words          you, see, this, up, get, got, we, me, he, she, said, put, went, wanted, was, everyone

We are listening to our sounds to try to write 3 letter words so please help us at home by doing this with our sound cards.

We are blending 3 sounds together to read words.


Bonfire Night! Ask us about the story of Guy Fawkes

Remembrance Day! Ask us to sing you the poppy song! Ask why we made poppies.

We celebrated Children In Need! Thank you for your donations!!

Curriculum Evening

Thank you to all the parents who turned up to our Curriculum evening. We hope you found it useful!

For those parents unable to make the session here are a few key points.

  • Please send reading books into school everyday. If your child does not have their reading book they will not be able to get a new book that week.
  • Please write in the yellow reading record book or tick, or initial in the book to enable us to see that you are practising with your child at home.
  • We will start phonic sounds next week. We use pure sounds for phonics so please see the video below. We have an action to link with each sound as this helps children to remember the sound.
  • Please find time to practise your child’s sound cards at home on a regular basis. Repetition is key for phonics and with the reading words.
  • Once your child can recognise the phonic sounds, help your child to blend sounds together by making 3 letter words for them to read. Then you could give them a 3 letter word and see if they can spell it out using the cards.
  • You will make a huge difference to your child’s reading and writing this year if you regularly practise their word cards, phonic skills and reading books. 5-10 minutes every night is all we ask and you can focus on a different area each night, for example, do word cards on Monday, phonics on Tuesday, reading on Wednesday etc.
  • Language development is really important for young children. Whilst reading bedtime stories check that they understand the meaning of more complex words. Children love to learn ‘grown up’ words so don’t be afraid to teach them words like ‘persistance’ and ‘collaboration’….we will be using these with them at school too!
  • Language is key in Maths too! Children find ‘less’ tricky to understand. Talk about numbers being bigger, larger, greater or smaller. Use the words more, less, fewer, and equal whilst comparing amounts.


Phonics Guide

Reading Guide

Maths Guide

(The sound examples start 1min 40secs into the video. Ignore the q for Iraq we only teach qu)

Home Learning

Click on the link below to access Purple Mash from home.


Your child’s username and password can be found in the back of their reading record book.

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