Perfect Penguins!

We were amazed to find a penguin in the fridge at school! We think it might have been there because it wanted to be cold as we think penguins like cold places. We were also  little worried it might eat our fish fingers at lunchtime! We talked about any information we already know about penguins. Some of us think that penguins live in the North Pole with Father Christmas and that they live in igloos. Some children asked good questions for us to find out the answer. ‘Why can’t penguins fly?’

We have started to use technology to help us find out information about penguins. We found Antarctica on the world map and we learned that penguins eat krill and squid as well as fish. We are also using non-fiction texts to help us!

We made ‘found’ posters for our penguin so that we can try to find the owner!


We have have been measuring with penguins. We worked in pairs and placed our penguin against different things in the classroom to compare the height. We used the language ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’ to describe what we found out.  We also put our penguins in height order.


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Please practise your words and sounds regularly at home.

Here are some 3 letter word activities you could do at home!

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